Monday, February 17, 2014

A Valentine's Day for the Birds...

Quite literally, this Valentine's Day was for the birds.  My oldest recently went on a field trip to a bird conservatory, located on a large college campus near us. She came home completely excited and ready to tell me all about the birds, their home and what she learned.  The class was given a pass to return to the conservatory, which is on our list of events to attend soon! After learning all about the birds living in the conservatory, it was decided that a bird house/feeder was something we simply must have!  So, since it was educational and not candy, we headed online to search for bird feeders and quite honestly, discover more about birds, the conservatories they can be found at and which feeders were right for which birds etc.  Since I am not a natural nature lover, I have to say this was quite informative for me, but watching her light up was wonderful.

So, now that my daughter had decided she wanted to feed Cardinals and other small birds, we bought bird feeders and some seed!  My daughter was very excited to tell her daddy that she was going to feed the cardinals, especially since they are his favorite baseball team!  LOL, kids are way to cute!  She is anxious for spring to come so we can hang the feeder outside our window, fill it and watch the birds. The experience was quite interesting as she had a lot of questions, to which I didn't have many answers.  I relied on the valuable and accurate information, I found online!

So since Valentine's Day, we have been waiting for our feeder to arrive and learning all about birds, where they live, what they eat and how they make a difference in the world around us.  I'm personally still getting used to her love of nature and science, but its fun to see her grow and learn and be excited about other living creatures.  I'm just hoping she doesn't request a bird as a pet!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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