Bloggers & Readers

I am very excited to announce my newest plans for my blog. I have been thinking of how to provide new content and involve my readers as well as other wonderful bloggers. After much thought I have decided to offer the following content to interested parties. If you would like to be part of the fun please read over each of the aspects and fill out the TWO forms below. The second form will alert me of your first form submission. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!!

Blogger Spotlight: The blogger spotlight is similar to book spotlights that I post. The difference is the feature of your blog! This is a great way for me to help you promote your blog! Along with a few interview type questions and your thoughts, I will post the link to your blog, my thoughts on your blog and your blogs button if you have one. If you have any other items you would like posted I would be happy to consider them.

Reader Spotlight: This again is similar to the book spotlight and blogger spotlight but is instead about the reader. While learning a little about you and your reading preferences, I would be paying tribute to you as a follower/reader. This spotlight is for readers without a blog. If you have a Goodreads page you would like to share the information can be included in the post but is not necessary. Readers may submit a photo of themselves, if they wish it to be included in the post.

Blogger Interview: Just as I interview authors, this interview is for the blogger! Questions include anything and everything in regards to blogging and reading! Questions are based on the individual’s blog type and interest.

Reader Interview: This interview is ALL about reading! Anything bookish will be included in this interview. If you are a blogger who prefers not to answer blog related questions or promote your blog you are also eligible to choose this interview though it was designed for those avid readers without a blog.

Guest Review: Review a book and have it featured on my blog! I specifically would love to hear from those who read genre’s that I do not. I read quite a wide range but do not prefer mystery, paranormal, suspense and most science fiction. ANY GENRE can be reviewed as long as the title is not one that I have accepted to review. If this happens I will gladly post your review also but only AFTER my review has been posted. I do not send books for review. Guest reviewers will get full credit for their review but must find the book on their own.

* If you frequently review titles and submit them I would love to consider you for my guest review team which is currently made up of readers I know well who do not have blogs but review for me on occasion. Once in a while an author will request a guest review when I am unavailable to review their title.*

Guest Post: Be creative! A guest post is a fun chance to talk about almost anything bookish! Please note that I read all guest post before posting them on my blog. If I deem the content unsuitable I will not post it. If you write a guest post please be considerate of others. My Blog is a “Cozy” atmosphere where readers come together to enjoy books and bookish things. If you’d like to write up something and be featured on my blog I would love to have you!

Eye-Catching Cover Submission: I have started a new post! Once a week I will be posting a cover that has caught my eye and include my opinion on the cover. The cover can be amazing, odd or horrible! It just has to be eye-catching! Do you have a cover that has caught your eye? Submit it and tell me why! I’ll feature it and credit you with the find and any thoughts/opinions you have as well as include my own.

Interview “A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews”: Interview me! This interview would consist of 5-10 questions that I will answer and post. As always I will credit you with the questions! Please keep in mind that I reserve the right to throw out questions that maybe to personal in nature. Please try to keep the questions bookish/blog-ish/ or general in nature. Get creative; there are many wonderful questions available!

** Example: A question like “Do you have children?” is acceptable. Detailed questions about my children are not. **

I want this to be a fun and interactive feature for my blog! It would be great to know my readers and blogging friends more! However, this is still my blog and I reserve the right to edit all submissions. Note that is should be something very rare; I will notify you before I remove any content.

Thanks for your interest! Forms are below!