Sunday, April 2, 2017

Setting Free The Kites

Setting Free The Kites
Alex George
ISBN: 978-0-399-16210-7
324 pages

Tragic, poignant and touching, Setting Free The Kites is a story of friendship that will connect with each reader personally, as they are drawn into the characters and transported back in time through the memories of their own mind. Readers are likely to connect with one of the two main characters more than the other, finding themselves understanding the cautious, sensible, rule following personality of Robert or the adventurous, fearless, rule breaking personality of Nathan. Whether readers associate themselves with the ying or yang side of this friendship, Setting Free the Kites evokes memories of the moment in time when childhood meets puberty and friendships take on new meanings, as they navigate change and morph into something different yet uniquely the same as they started out to be.

The story that unfolds between the pages in this novel is one of deep sorrow, intense humor, and transcending love. It explores the depth of human emotion, relationships and the growth that shapes us into who we are because of them. The backdrop of the story takes place in the beautiful state of Maine, and those who have been blessed to personally visit the coastal towns of Maine will find comfort and familiarity within the pages of this book.

Setting Free the Kites carries the reader through its pages effortlessly, keeping them engaged with the characters, the town and the events that unfold before them. It’s a memorable story that will stick with readers long after they put it down.

**Special Note** If you are given the chance to see Alex George in person, at a local library or bookstore event, I urge you to attend.  He is a fabulous speaker, down to earth and infectious with his love for the written word. It will be worth your time to hear Mr. George’s perspective of this book and gain insight into the writing of this novel.