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My Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in A Cozy Reader’s Corner Reviews. I would love to help promote your book in any way possible. I am currently accepting books for review from authors, publishers, and publicists with a time-frame of 2-6 months. I book ahead so the wait is dependent on what I already have lined up to review. I try to review in a timely manner and promise to review a title once I commit to it.  I do not promise a date for each review. If a book is sent long before the release date I am happy to hold off on the review until closer to the release date at your request.

I am always willing to do interviews, guest posts, book spotlights, contests/giveaways, and blog tours.  I also have contributors to my blog which is a guest review program.  My contributors are a few faithful & trusted reviewers who share my love of books & live close to me.  These wonderful people are able to review books on a limited basis and most do not have their own blog.  If I cannot accept a book for review but you are interested in a guest review I will approach them to see if they would be willing to review the title.  If you have any questions please ask.  All reviews are debuted on my blog and cross posted as well. 

I love to read and I am quick when I get the time, but I do have children who come first! If you have an urgent request, I will do my very best to accommodate you. I will not be able to accept all books for review. If I cannot review a title I do wish to help promote the book/author in some capacity, please be open to other content such as an interview, giveaway or guest post/spotlight.

I also accept products for review and am interested in anything my children and I can use. I've done reviews of children’s products, vitamins and bookshelves on top of my regular book reviews. I am always looking to expand my product reviews.

I do not accept payment for reviews, but will accept additional books/products and goodies (swag) and will gladly host a giveaway!
** I am currently holding all review request until further notice due to high volume**

Genres I Accept for Review

Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Fiction/Chick-Lit (My first love!)


Literary Fiction & Mainstream Fiction

Historical Fiction

Christian Fiction

Romantic Suspense (light suspense elements, no murder)

Contemporary Young Adult

Children’s Literature

Cozy Mysteries (light hearted, no murder or gore… )



Genres I don't review but....
My contributing reviewers may be interested.  I am willing to accept these for guest post, author interview, book spotlight, contibutor review and contest or giveaway.(I read a few of these genres on a limited basis dependent on author/title)



Science Fiction
(limited basis, light science fiction or time travel novels)

Non-Fiction, including Self-Help, How-To Manuals, Fitness/Nutrition, etc.
(Limited basis, dependent on book)

Mystery/suspense –
 I do not read murder/crime novels. If you have a novel that falls in the mystery suspense category but does not contain murder/crime please feel free to ask.



*A note on series books*
I will read a series book out of order if the book can stand on its own. If it cannot, I do request that you be willing to send me the books prior to the novel (example, book one if your offering book two) so that I can read the series in order. All books will be reviewed.

Please do not send me your pitch and ask me to purchase your book. While I do purchase many books, my blog is for review purposes and not solicitation.

Review Requests
If your book falls into one of the above categories, please fill out the form below with the pertinent details. If I accept your novel for review, I will post a review but I cannot give you an exact date which the review will be done, instead I will email you a link at your request. While I do review every book I read, but I cannot guarantee that my review will be positive. I give my honest thoughts and opinions on the book.

 Review Posts
Included in my review posts are: book cover art, publication details (genre, publisher, ISBN, etc.), my personal review with my personal “star” rating. [please see my rating system for details]

Cross-Posting of Reviews
I typically cross-post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, BN, Borders, PBS, Facebook Visual, and Library Thing. If you would like your review posted elsewhere, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request. I do NOT promise to post the review on all of these sites. I generally let the review debut on my blog for a least a week before posting to other sites. Goodreads and Amazon are the first post to be done outside of my blog. Cross-Posting is done in my spare time. I also link all reviews automatically to twitter and Facebook.
I recently received a Kindle e-reader, so I am able to accept e-books for review. I accept e-books on a LIMITED basis as the hard copy is still my preferred method of reading. I read hard copies faster and enjoy them more. If I accept your e-book for review it will need to be gifted to me via Amazon or delivered in PDF format. I do not accept picture books in e-book format. Please note that most of my contributors are not able to read e-books.  A hard copy is best if you're looking for a title to be accepted.

My blog is growing. I currently have 650 subscribers, 642 followers, as well as a twitter following, facebook fan page, goodreads following and a following via networked blogs. I am a member of many blogger websites which also brings traffic to my blog. My site has over 1,500 unique visits per month with the average visitor viewing at least 2 different pages. (I track my sites stats via feedburner and site meter)

FTC Disclosure
In accordance with new FTC guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials for bloggers, I would like my readers to know that many of the books I review on my site are provided to me for free by the publisher or author of the book. I do not receive money for such reviews. The books are sent to me for an honest review. I will make known in such reviews if I received the book for free. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Interested in a Review?

If you would like me to review your book, please complete the google form below.  I will
review your entry and contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to working with you!  ** If you have a product review please fill out the Foxy form only.**

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