Monday, February 13, 2012

A Light in the Heart

Author: Kathleen O'Brien
ISBN: 978-0-9828205-3-7
Publisher: Plicata Press
Source: Book Pleasures
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For model, Christine McMurray, her beauty is her livelihood, the only thing she’s known.  When her life is altered in an irreversible way, Christine is left with emotional and physical scars that change her world.  Lucky to be alive and deciding she needs a breath of fresh air; Christine opts for change and leaves for Anders Larsson Ranch in Montana.  Larson, a photographer, gives Christine the opportunity to see the raw beauty of Montana.  Her experience re-kindles her desire to paint.  Christine purchases land with the dream of building her own home and art studio.  During the construction she heads back to Boston to pack up her old life.  While she is there she meets and mentors a young burn victim while being reminded of her past and jeopardizing her future.
Kathleen O’Brien’s debut novel is stunning.  As a native of New Hampshire, I grew up 30 minutes from Boston and spent my entire childhood in the New England states.  After attending college, I spend a few weeks in my best friend’s home state of Montana.  Kathleen’s descriptions of both sections of the country are vivid and accurate.  She really made me feel as if I was there, in both settings, all over again.  Her descriptive nature was enough to take me to each setting while letting me use my imagination as well.    The novel starts off in the most original way.  It hooked me from the start; I didn’t want to put it down.  I was delighted to find that the novel remained this way throughout the book.  It had a steady flow and interesting storyline.
Within the pages of this book lies a story of a woman who escaped death but lost everything she once had.  Christine learns more about herself though her horrific experience.  Though she took for granted the life she had, she gained so much more by discovering what she wanted out of life and realizing exactly what had been missing.  I really enjoyed the message this book sends to the reader.  Christine’s life was all about her outward beauty, leaving a void deep within Christine, who wanted to know she was loved and accepted for who she was and not what she looked like.  When her accident strips away her layers of outward beauty, she is given the chance to be seen for her inward beauty.  This is a positive and wonderful message.
 I couldn’t help but root for Christine, who just wants to feel accepted for who she is.  I was able to connect with Christine and feel her emotions.  I understood her as a woman and as a person looking for love and acceptance.  Christine learns a lot about herself during the course of this novel.  When given the chance to be strong and succeed or give up and fail, Christine pushes onward.  The story shows the strength of women, the unexpected nature of life and the central need we all have for acceptance and love. Light in the Heart is a novel full of well-developed characters, charming settings and positive messages.  I recommend it to those looking for an uplifting and wonderful story.
Highly Recommended
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