Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sneak Peak: The Good Father bt Diane Chamerlain

(April 24, 2012)
400 pages
ISBN: 9780778313465
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"Four years ago, nineteen-year-old Travis Brown made a choice: to raise his newborn daughter on his own. While most of his friends were out partying and meeting girls, Travis was at home, changing diapers and worrying about keeping food on the table. He’s never regretted his decision: Bella is the light of his life. But after Travis loses his job and his home, the security he’s worked so hard to create for his daughter begins to crumble. When he receives a job offer, he thinks his troubles have come to an end . . . not realizing that they’ve only just begun."

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I'm excited to read this book after reading The Midwife's Confession!  Diane has a great back list of titles for readers who may not be aware of them!  Check it out on her site.

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