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I Couldn't Love You More

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by Jillian Medoff
ISBN: 9780446584623
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Rating: Highly Recommended

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Which child would you save? A decision no parent can even fathom.
Eliot Gordon would do anything for her family. A 38-year-old working mother, she lives an ordinary but fulfilling life in suburban Atlanta with her partner, Grant Delaney, and their three daughters. The two older girls are actually Eliot's stepdaughters, a distinction she is reluctant to make as she valiantly attempts to maintain a safe, happy household . . .
Then Finn Montgomery, Eliot's long-lost first love, appears, triggering a shocking chain of events that culminates in a split-second decision that will haunt her beloved family forever. How Eliot survives-and what she loses in the process-is a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever loved a child. With hilarious honesty, wrenching depth, and a knockout twist, I COULDN'T LOVE YOU MORE illuminates the unbreakable bonds of family and reveals the lengths we'll go to save each other, even as we can't save ourselves.

Quick Thoughts:
How can you make the decision to save one child or the other?  The synopsis of this book drew me to it!  I couldn't fathom the thought but had to know the story.  I was, of course, prepared for a dramatic and gut wrenching book. What I got was a poignant and yes, heart wrenching, but shocking with moments of comic relief.  The story sticks with you and isn't for the faint of heart.  Eliot's deep inward struggle was haunting and realistic.  The characters are well developed, the story is multi-layered.  It's quite the novel.  I Couldn't Love You More made me appreciate my children and nephews and those I love, even more.  It's definitely worth the read!

Guest Post from the Author:
I asked about her perfect day...enjoy the response!

My Perfect Day
Believe it or not, I actually had a perfect day very recently: Tuesday, May 15, 2012. For many people, May 15th was just a regular random Tuesday, but for me, it was the day my third novel, I Couldn’t Love You More, was published, thus ending a long, painful ten-year period.

I’ve written an essay about these ten years, and the evolution of I Couldn’t Love You More, which is available in both the eBook and print versions of the book. But the gist of the essay is this: after ten years of rejection, I never thought I’d see another novel published. Despite the success of my first novel, Hunger Point, my second novel, Good Girls Gone Bad tanked, and I spent the next decade writing and submitting and getting rejected. But after years of working and waiting and working and working and waiting and working some more, I finally sold another book, which came out, as I said, on May 15th. Here’s how I spent my day.

I dropped my nine-year-old daughter at school, and had the very surreal experience of having her kiss me goodbye and say, “Happy Pub Day, Mommy,” before racing off to her friends. Mollie wasn’t born when my previous novel came out, so this was our first shared pub day. The moment just killed me, and I basked in it as I waved to her from the sidewalk. Then I took the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan to drop off gifts (cupcakes) at two offices—my agent, Jennifer Gates at Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary who saved me from failure, and my publisher, Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group). Normally, I would’ve had the gifts delivered, but the Sunday before was Mother’s Day, and it was easier logistically to do it myself. I didn’t mind because I love walking around the city in shorts and a T-shirt when everyone else is wearing suits and rushing to their offices. Then I went to the gym, where I ran on the treadmill for forty minutes and then swam for fifteen. After working out, I sat in the steam room, which I never have the time to do.

I’ve had a corporate job—a career, actually—since graduating from college. I work a four-day week, but I’d taken the day off. Still, I checked my messages, and followed up on a few calls. Then I went home. Now this is where what actually happened diverges from what I would’ve liked to have happen. Had this been a perfect non-pub day, I would’ve spent six hours working on my new novel, but this was a perfect pub-day, so I didn’t work on my book at all. I just sat in front of the computer and checked e-mail and talked on the phone for the next few hours. I spoke to so many people—by phone, email, text, Facebook, Twitter—all of whom wished me a Happy Pub Day. My agent sent champagne, my publisher flowers, my parents called, my best friend sent me cards—it was like getting a promotion, having a birthday, and giving birth all at once.

By early evening, everyone was home from work and school, and the day became mundane—homework, dinner, baths—but on this particular night, I loved every second of it. After the kids went to bed, I did my usual routine—emails, crime shows, reading—until around Midnight. I didn’t want the day to end, but I had to get up early for an early meeting the next day, and my middle daughter had a play the next night. I also had to call Aetna because they’d screwed up an insurance claim, and my husband had forgotten to fill out our two younger girls’ camp forms, so I had to do that or else we’d lose our spot. I had also promised my mother that I’d help her figure out how to create a spreadsheet in Excel (over the phone). So, Wednesday, May 16th would be back to business as usual—but I didn’t care. Ten long, punishing years of working and waiting and hoping had finally ended: my third novel, I Couldn’t Love You More was on the shelf.

Highly recommended


  1. I just wanted to share that I this post and that I LOVED it. I loved it's simplicity. This was a HUGE event for you JILLIAN, but what made the celebration of it was stopping and being aware of each moment and that really cool! You really remembered each event in your day and how many times do we really do that? WOW! I hope you do that more often and that it doesn't take you another ten years to write another "day in the life of Jillian." Everyday really is publication day! xoxo

  2. What a wonderful "perfect day" - thanks for sharing Jillian's thoughts with us!

    This book sounds wonderful and is absolutely being added to my tbr.

  3. That sounds like an absolutely perfect day!!! The book sounds fantastic...and I have added it to my TBR pile for sure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. What a great "perfect day"...sometimes it's the little things that matter (not that publishing a new book is a little thing). Best wishes from friends, being able to relax and enjoy, having family around .. THAT really is a perfect day. This book sounds fantastic .. definitely one for my "to-buy" list!



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