Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tidewater Inn

Libby loves history and has a talent for restoring things, so inheriting a beautiful old hotel on the Outer Banks is like a dream come true. It's also somewhat exciting to learn about the family she never knew she had while getting to know a handsome Coast Guard lieutenant she's met while on the island.  One thing's for sure, he has the potential to be the man of her dreams! However, if we stopped there we wouldn't have a romantic suspense would we?  

Soon Libby is forced to realize that she can only afford to keep up the inn by selling it to developers who are stalking the island. Her unknown father, died before she could meet him, leaving Libby with a brother and sister who are convinced she is there to steal what is rightfully theirs. However, none of these new trials compare to the kidnapping of her best friend and business partner, a scene that takes place in front of Libby and puts her under speculation and suspicion for the crime.

Libby’s dream come true quickly becomes a nightmare. She must find her friend in order to prove her innocence, or risk losing everything she has wanted on Hope Island.

Tidewater Inn started off with a bang.  Almost instantly the action begins with a kidnapping in the first chapter! The story had some very intriguing parts which include the kidnapping, life changing long-kept secrets, and the romance of Libby and Alec on the backdrop of beautiful Hope Island.  The characters are well developed.  Colleen is an amazing writer.  This story will be enjoyable to her fans and those looking to find a new author to enjoy. This novel is full of secrets, love, suspense and faith. If you love romantic books with suspenseful elements, you will enjoy this book. It's an enjoyable read.


  1. the story really looks good and its a fun read

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