Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ferdinand Uses the Potty by Jay Tucker

Ferdinand wakes up wet and confused and does not understand! Was there a leak in the plumbing or the roof? Was it raining inside?? Soon Ferdinand realizes that there was not a leak, but that he had wet the bed. The book continues into a cute story with a fresh approach to the subject of bed wetting after potty training. This book has a fun interactive approach to teaching kids one of the easiest ways to not have accidents at night.

This book is not for younger children who are learning to use the potty. The title is somewhat misleading. I originally chose this book because I thought it would help my two year old with potty training. She would not even sit to read the book. There is a lack of pictures on many pages and the wording is geared towards older children. The book did not address the concepts of how to use the potty, why to use the potty or what the toilet is for. It is geared towards children who already understand those concepts.
Ferdinand uses the potty is an adorable, colorful book for older children who are already potty trained. It approaches the problem of bed wetting and some of the fears of using the potty. For example, Ferdinand is able to stop wetting the bed as often because he is uses the potty more frequently during the day. Ferdinand has a fear of the sound the toilet makes but learns that it is not scary and it helps him stay dry at night. My four year old daughter who is potty trained like the book and asked questions about Ferdinand, but she has been potty trained for almost 2 years now.

I recommend this book to parents whose children can use the potty, but may have some apprehensiveness still. It is a cute, easy to read book that helps parents and children connect during a difficult process that can be confusing and frustrating at times.

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