Friday, July 8, 2011

The Spirit in Baseball

Spirit in BaseballAuthors: Kathryn Nixon & Ana Boudreau
ISBN: 978-1-4507-7625-7
Publisher: Cross Training Publishing
Purchase link: Spirit in Baseball
Source: B&B Media Group

The Spirit in Baseball is a helpful guide to teaching young baseball players how to apply the fruits of the spirit to the game of baseball.  The book supplies verses that talk individually about each fruit and then gives helpful hints of how to apply the fruit or quality to the game.  Here is a quick run down of some of the things you will read in this title.
  • Love your teammates
  • Show JOY when a teammate hits a home run.
  • Peace in our performance by praying before each game.
  • Patience by waiting our turn to bat.
  • Kindness through our words to teammates as well as our opponent
  • Goodness by congratulating others on their accomplishments during the game.
  • Faithfulness through practice.
  • Gentleness to an injured teammate
  • Self-control by keeping our temper
The book is equipped with a sturdy hard cover backing, baseball illustrations to show through picture what the words are trying to convey and an autograph page for your child's teammate to sign.  It is suggested that this title be purchased as a gift for each player so that every child has a memento from their season.

I really enjoyed The Spirit in Baseball.  I am a huge advocate that sports should focus on team work, having fun, playing well with others and coordination.  It is not about winning or losing but rather teaching our children many lessons through a fun interaction with others.  This book helps promote the same ideals.  While we all like to win, not everyone can.  The title promotes a healthy and realistic look at goals and actions for teammates to learn while playing the game of baseball.  It has a simplistic and easy to understand message that has the ability to stay with you for life.


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