Thursday, December 8, 2011

Summer In Europe

Author: Marilyn Brant
ISBN: 9780758261519
Publisher: Kensington
Source: Crazy Book Tours

On her thirtieth birthday, Gwendolyn Reese receives an unexpected present from her widowed Aunt Bea: a grand tour of Europe in the company of Bea's Sudoku and Mah-jongg Club. The prospect isn't entirely appealing. But when the gift she is expecting -- an engagement ring from her boyfriend -- doesn't materialize, Gwen decides to go. At first, Gwen approaches the trip as if it's the math homework she assigns her students, diligently checking monuments off her must-see list. But amid the bougainvillea and stunning vistas of southern Italy, something changes. Gwen begins to live in the moment: skipping down stone staircases in Capri, running her fingers over a glacier in view of the Matterhorn, racing through the Louvre, and taste-testing pastries at a Marseilles cafe. Revelling in every new experience -- especially her attraction to a charismatic British physics professor -- Gwen discovers that the ancient wonders around her are nothing compared to the renaissance unfolding within...

My Thoughts:

If you've never read anything by Marilyn Brant before you need too!  Summer in Europe is another wonderful example of her talented writing skills.  Marilyn grabbed my attention and kept me engaged throughout the novel.  I didn't want to put it down.  The story flows smoothly and effortlessly making it easy to read.  My favorite aspect of this novel was the escape I felt while reading it.  It's almost as if I was in southern Italy and on a much needed vacation!  In short, this is a great story that engages the reader and leaves you wanting more from Marilyn!  Her characters are charming and interesting.  They come alive in your imagination due to Marilyn's ability to create well developed characteristics.You should read it and then check out her other novels! More to come.....

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