Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Lucky You Are

How Lucky You Are

By Kristyn Kusek Lewis
ISBN: 978-1-4555-0203-5
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Source: BookSparks PR
Rating: Highly Recommended

Waverly has always been the center of her tight-knit group of friends.  The friendship trio includes her best friends, Kate and Amy. When Waverly’s bakery faces financial ruin due to her tremendous debt and her relationship begins to feel less secure, Waverly’s anchor role in the trio’s friendship is tried in many ways. Kate, who is independent and strong willed, faces unsettling questions about her future, while her husband pursues his dream to become governor. Amy, the stay-at-home mom, has a perfect life, or so everyone thinks, but she also has a dark secret hidden beneath her surface.  When the secret threatens to reveal itself, Amy is panicked.  Soon the tight friendships between these three women begin to come apart.  As Waverly faces major decisions in her life, she discovers that the lines between loyalty and betrayal are not always clear, happy endings aren’t always guaranteed in life, and sometimes you have to risk everything to gain what you’ve worked so hard for.

How Lucky You Are tells the story of three everyday women. They are best friends, a close-knit group that is more like family than friends.  However, they all have their own secrets.  They all have their own lives behind closed doors, and when rough times hit, their friendship is tested in ways they never imagined possible.  Just like life, these friends doubt, worry, cry, and hope. Though they are committed to their friendships, doubt creeps in and betrayal is inevitable. It’s an honest, compelling and insightful story that looks at the relationships, companionship and dynamics that take place between female friends.

I loved this story.  It is a realistic view of friendship, tested in the midst of tribulation.  It’s raw and open but charming and wise. I felt connected to these women, who lost restraint at points and held it at others. They are characters I feel most women could be friends with.  Their story is one that women will understand and appreciate, making it relatable to most readers. I wanted to cry with them and rejoice with them.  I completely understood Waverly.  Her position in the group, career and troubles resonated with me.  I understood her feelings and connected easily with her as a character.  This is a great debut.  If you love women’s fiction, you’ll love this book.


  1. This sounds like a wonderful book. I love the cover too- so many implications within that one image.

  2. This is a new to me author and the book sounds great. I really like stories about friendship. Nice review. I added this one to my reading list.

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