Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hollywood Stories

Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes about the Stars and Legends of the Movies!Author: Stephen Schochet
ISBN: 978-0-9638972-7-5
Publisher: Hollywood Stories Publishing
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Reading Hollywood Stories is like taking a tour of Hollywood. It is a journey of the past and present Hollywood personalities in anticipation for the future. These short stories were originally told for Stephen’s radio feature entitled Hollywood Stories. The immensely popular stories are now formed into this entertaining, amusing book, which is full of extras to accompany their original short anecdotes. The pages are packed full with stories, tidbits and humorous true tales of the stars. The book depicts the stars as normal everyday people, going about their life, working or spending time with friends, family and coworkers. It gives an everyday look at tinsel town and its glamorous crew. The reader is able to learn as well as be amused by these stories.

Hollywood Stories is a thoroughly entertaining read. With many humorous parts, you find yourself laughing out loud, feeling connected with the individual being presented. Each story gives the Hollywood actor, producer, director, or writer in the spotlight, an every day average typical American feel. Many of the stories remind the reader of pranks, jokes or situations they or a friend have personally done or gone through. It is a reminder that while stardom may be part of the overall package, these individuals are human. They were not always famous; they are simply doing their job by using their talents and creativity. They are the lucky few who are able to work with what they love. Outside of all this, they are mom, dad, husband, wife, brother, sister, daughter or son. They enjoy life. They have made an impact and are well known, yet not known at all. The book introduces you on a more personal level to these legends of Hollywood, enabling the reader a better warmth and understanding of their favorite actors, directors, writers, and producers.

The book is divided into 13 chapter divisions. Each division represents part of Hollywood. This enables the reader to skip around easily. If you have a favorite section you could read it first. I flipped back and forth between the pages of this book, not reading it in order. I went with my mood and it works because the stories are not tied to each other. There are so many individual stories and tales; you do not feel held down to an order. It was easy and enjoyable to read, leaving you addicted and wanting more. Due to how the book came about, it would be a wonderful book to grab on audio CD for travel. It provides hours of promising entertainment and interesting tidbits of the Hollywood we have come to know and love. I highly recommend these well written stories which you will want to share with others. They make great pieces for topical conversation and are sure to bring laughs to any audience.

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