Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just One Taste

Just One Taste (Recipe for Love)Louisa Edwards
St. Martin’s Press
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a bad boy chef and a genius chemistry expert to get together while working on an aphrodisiac experiment? That is exactly what happens in Just One Taste when Wes Murphy, a culinary student, meets Dr. Rosemary Wilkins, a substitute professor, in his final semester cooking class, Food Chemistry 101. Rosemary and Wes spark and collide as their love affair begins. Like all love affairs theirs has its ups and downs with roadblocks to overcome, but the sex is amazing, the attraction undeniable and the chemistry a perfect combination.

Just One Taste is the first novel I have read by Louisa Edwards and is the third novel in her “Recipe for Love Series”, which gives me plenty more to read while I wait in anticipation for more from Louisa! The story line had all the right elements, making this novel addicting from the beginning. I really loved how the novel focused on the culinary field and included aphrodisiacs. This aspect gave the novel a unique feel along with the characters. Wes is a bad boy turned good who is not a genius by any means, but sure knows his way around the kitchen. Rosemary is a genius, a child prodigy, making her thinking process completely opposite of Wes’s. Through him she learns to feel instead of just analyzing and processing data. Aside from a great story line the book has a few steamy scenes that are very hot and highly pleasurable to read. It is enough to make you want to run and find your own sexy chef to cook for you and then feed you. I wished there were a few extra escapades in the novel; however it was great that the novel was not overdone with the scenes and instead made it feel more realistic due to the story.

This book was a great read aside from a few odd words used by the author. Quite frequently she used the word “frak” which is just a fictional word used as a replacement for “fuck” which I found pointless. In my personal opinion the reader still knows your saying word intended to come across so just say it. I had never heard the word “frak” before and would have preferred to read the term crap or damn if she really wanted to avoid the word fuck. The author also used a few British words which I had to look up the meanings because I was unfamiliar with them. The character speaking the words was British but the reader is not aware of that at first. If you run across the work “berk” while reading this novel it means fool. Outside of these minor annoyances the novel was a great read and I look forward to reading more from this author! I would suggest Just One Taste to romance lovers everywhere. It is certain to be a deliciously seductive read.

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  1. Sounds kind of fun. I just found your blog through the Ning BB Group. I am a reviewer too. Cheers and come visit my corner of the web too when able.

    I really like your pillows as a rating system. That is clever.


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