Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Purple Smurfs

The Smurfs #1: The Purple Smurfs (The Smurfs Graphic Novels)Peyo

In this installment of "The Smurfs" a smurf is bit by the "bzz" fly and a gnap epidemic begins! A smurf who is bitten turns purple and has only one job, bite other smurfs! Once bitten by a purple smurf the smurf attacked turns purple and joins forces with his assailant. Soon Papa Smurf is the only smurf left and it happens just as he figures out a cure. Does he make it in time? How can one smurf save the entire smurf community? The reader is left with anticipation to answer the previous questions.

This book also includes two other short smurf stories. In "The Flying Smurf" in which a smurf tries to fly in the most outrageous ways, never giving up. He is very determined for such a small smurf! Will he fly? How much havoc will he cause in the process? Readers are sure to find out and laugh a little at his antics. In "The Smurf and his Neighbors", one little smurf needs his sleep but the other smurfs are not being courteous neighbors. He sets out and finds another home in a peaceful serene area, or is it? Readers are sure to learn a small lesson with this Smurf story.

This graphic novel was light and easy to read with vivid and colorful images. The reader is able to interpret the story through these images and still enjoy the book. In many cases the image is just as important as the words. I felt the use of the term "smurf" was used far to often for me, but I understood that it is the language of the smurfs and that is why it was used. By the end of this novel I understood the "smurf" language without thinking too hard. I was able to insert the English word in place of the word Smurf.

The stories are classic in regards to the cartoons that aired in the 1980's. The novel was a flashback of my childhood and I really enjoyed reading it. They are books I will be able to share with my kids and grandkids someday. I would recommend the novel for readers ages eight and up with a focus on Smurf lovers everywhere.

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  1. Wow I didn't know these guys were still around :) I remember them from my childhood!

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