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The Boyfriend of the Month Club

The Boyfriend of the Month Club
Author: Maria Geraci ISBN: 978-0-425-23650-5
Publisher: Penguin
Source: Author for Review
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This sexy, funny new novel asks: Can a woman find a modern-day Mr. Darcy in Daytona Beach?

At thirty, Grace O'Bryan has dated every loser in Daytona Beach. After the ultimate date-from-hell, Grace decides to turn her dwindling book club into a Boyfriend of the Month Club, where women can discuss the eligible men in their community. Where are the real life twenty-first century versions of literary heroes such as Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy?

Could it be successful and handsome Brandon Farrell, who is willing to overlook his disastrous first date with Grace and offers financial help for her parents' failing Florida gift shop? Or maybe sexy dentist Joe Rosenblum, who's great with a smile but not so great at commitment? Unfortunately, like books, men cannot always be judged by their covers...


The Boyfriend of the Month Club was a fun, lightweight read. The book kept me fully entertained and chuckling throughout. I loved that there were many humorous references that caught me off guard. The characters in this novel are very entertaining. The story itself is one of those “accidents waiting to happen”, where you can foresee the trouble ahead but are unable to stop it, it just has to run its course. The characters bring a colorful flourish to the story. I enjoyed getting to know each one of them. Grace, the main character, seems to hold a little of every woman in her. She has spunk, personality, pride, doubts and fears and hope for a bright future. She also seems to be cursed in love until she finds her Mr. Darcy.

Ms. Geraci’s writing is easy to read and follow. I enjoyed the laid back approach I was able to take in reading this book. It reminded me of the many reasons I enjoy chick-lit and fiction as a whole. I was easily able to transfer myself from my world to their world and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of my life. I also enjoyed the little bits of Cuba that I experienced in this novel as a result of the authors heritage. I will definitely read future titles from Maria Geraci and I would recommend this book. If nothing else, you’ll laugh with (or at) Grace and her friends as they experience the trials of love.

About the Author
Maria Geraci was born in Havana, Cuba, and raised on Florida's Space Coast. She lives with her husband and their three children in north Florida. This is her third novel. You can find out more by visiting

Check out my interview with Maria HERE.
Read an excerpt HERE.


*Special thanks to Maria for sending me a review copy of this title and providing one for the giveaway hosted with our author interview earlier this year*


  1. Sounds like a good book for the beach. I'm putting it on my list to read for this spring/summer. Thanks for the review!

  2. I missed this when it came up for its CLP blog tour, but I've added this to my TBR list and I look forward to reading it soon. Great review. :)


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