Monday, March 28, 2011

Storms & Secrets

Storms & SecretsAnn Summerville ISBN: 9781453657744
Publisher: Create Space
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In search of her husband, Heather reluctantly travels from London to his Texas home town where she is vocal about her dislike of snakes, spiders, and cowboys. She vows to spend no more than two weeks away from her city apartment but finds a slew of secrets swirling like a Texas tornado. While her husband keeps his emotional distance, and she tries to maintain her British reserve, Heather is nevertheless intrigued by the friendliness of Fort Worth locals. Despite developing friendships, Heather struggles to find out what illness her mother-in-law is suffering from, how a neighbor fits into her husband's past and why a vagrant sits across the street each day staring at the house. One by one, Heather uncovers the mysteries surrounding her husband's family. Can her marriage be saved, and will her new Texas friends entice Heather to share their love for the Lone Star State?

I was pleasantly surprised with Storms & Secrets. It is one of the titles that has allured me to the Indie world of publishing. Ms. Summerville captured me from the moment I started reading her novel. Who knew one neighborhood could have so many secrets?

Writing Style – Ms. Summerville has an easy to follow, enchanting style. I was immediately drawn to the story and able to follow it effortlessly. Her writing kept me hooked even though the story was fairly predictable.

Characters – This novel is full of colorful & quite unique characters. They perfectly fit within their setting and are believable as well as likable, at least most of them are.

Storyline – The storyline is interesting to say the least. There are many secrets and mysterious events taking place throughout the novel. No one seems to be in a hurry to help Heather, the main character, uncover the truth surround her husband and his family. I must admit I figured it all out far before the main character did. It was a fairly predictable read. I spent most of my time confirming my suspicions and waiting for Heather to figure them out for herself.  No one offered any information to Heather about the secrets being kept from her. Though they did watch out for her, mum was definitely the word, since they knew far more than they let her know. It reminded me of the phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” though for this story its Fort Worth and in particular the small neighborhood where Heather’s husband Travis grew up.

Interest Level – though predictable this title was interesting and caught my attention. It was worth my time spent reading it.

Pace – The pace of this novel was steady. I didn’t set it down often. The author guides the reader easily. It had a good pace and a good length.

Overall, I would suggest this book, especially if you like cozy mysteries. It was an enjoyable read and unique in its own way. Ms. Summerville is a gifted writer.



  1. Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed Storms and Secrets. It was certainly fun to write about Fort Worth. Many people miss this delightful town and head to Dallas. Stop by my blog on Friday for my High Tide giveaway.
    Cozy In Texas

  2. Great - i think I need to find this one.


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