Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interview With Patricia Rockwell & Giveaway

FM For Murder

Patricia Rockwell is the author of "FM for Murder."    Here is a little about her book:

Who shot the disk jockey while he was on air? No one saw the killer, but many heard the murder on the radio. Local police are mystified and ask Psychology professor and acoustics expert Pamela Barnes to assist them in investigating the crime. Can she determine who shot the deejay just by listening to the radio station's audio recording of the killing? And how does this crime connect to the impending death of a wealthy carpet manufacturer hundreds of miles away? And the driven behavior of his conscientious son who hides a very important secret? Unknown to Pamela, another thread of this strange mystery is about to unravel. Will she be able to solve it before another victim is claimed? In FM FOR MURDER, the second in Patricia Rockwell's acoustic mystery series, we follow feisty amateur sleuth Pamela Barnes who doesn't let academic duties prevent her from fighting crime. And Pamela fights crime with the tools she knows best-sound waves.

FM for Murder is available for purchase by clicking on the following link:
 FM For Murder
Our interview is below for your enjoyment!  After you're done getting to know Patricia, enter the giveaway for 1 of 2 copies of FM for Murder!!

Five things about me:
1. I grew up in Nebraska but I've lived in many different states.
2. I was a teacher all of my professional life but I'm retired now.
3. I incorporate some of my academic research into my cozy mysteries.
4. I'm afraid of flying.
5. I have my own publishing company and publish not only my books but those of two other authors.

Three unique aspects about FM For Murder:
1. My amateur sleuth solves the murder using sound clues
2. There are two plot lines.
3. I had to do a lot of research into carpet manufacturing, goth poetry, and underground parties for this book.

Five things I wish I knew about publishing:
1. It's harder to promote a book than write it
2. Nobody will promote a book for you
3. It's really changing (with epublishing) a lot
4. The stigma associated with self-publishing (now indie publishing) is rapidly vanishing
5. It's hard to know what does and doesn't work in publishing except through trial and error

Name three things on your bucket list
1. Cruise to Alaska
2. Get my books in some local bookstores (that's harder than getting ebooks sold)
3. Lose weight

Five favorite books:
1. Candide--Voltaire
2. Play Dirty--Sandra Brown
3. People of the Book--Geraldine Brooks
4. False Memory--Dean Koontz
5. The Diary of Adam and Eve--Mark Twain

Five authors on a cruise--Julie Hyzy, Joan Johnston, Diane Morlan, Cynthia Gallant-Simpson, Glynis Smy

Three things for inspiration--My computer, my coffee, my fuzzy robe

Funniest thing that happened as an author--a call to my publishing company Cozy Cat Press, which is named so because we publish cozy mysteries, wanting to place an ad for cat food in my "magazine for cats."

Most embarassing moment--one of my paperbacks sent to me from the printer that I sent to a reviewer (without checking) had the interior of another book! Now I always look inside my own books to be sure they are my own books before I send them out!

Stranded on a desert island I would have these 2 people, 3 things, and 1 book-- my husband and my daughter, my computer, my Kindle, a coffee pot, (if I have my Kindle I don't need a book), but maybe a really large, glossy book of beautiful paintings.

Other title in the works--My third cozy mystery is entitled "Voice Mail Murder" and concerns a philandering football coach who is stabbed in a hotel room. Police find his cellphone on the floor and on it a series of voice mail messages from his various mistresses. My amateur sleuth Pamela Barnes is brought into the case because the Police are unable to track down any of the women and it appears that one of them is probably the murderer. Pamela studies the messages and tries to figure out who the women are.

In addition to this book which is finished but not yet published, I am working on a fourth book without a title. This one will feature a 911 call from a frantic wife who claims her husband is trying to break into their home to kill her. When the Police arrive, they find the woman's body. The Police will attempt to arrest the husband for the crime but will discover he has an air-tight alibi. Pamela will be brought in to investigate the actual 911 tape to see if it contains any clues.

Best author experience so far--I really enjoy speaking to groups about my books such as at bookstores, libraries, and fairs.

Least thrilling part of being an author--constant promotion. Makes me feel cheap sometimes, like I'm selling myself. But it's necessary.

Advice for aspiring authors--be patient. Nothing happens overnight. It took a good year for me to start even seeing some reasonable sales on my first book. It builds very slowly.

Last book I read--Dean Koontz--The Voice of the Night

Currently reading--Luisa Buehler's--The Lighthouse Keeper: A Grace Marsden Mystery

Do you enjoy this "All about Patricia" post as much as I do?  Would you like to win a copy of FM for Murder?  Patricia is giving away 2 copies of her book!!  It is available in ebook or paperback format.  Please chooose your preference on the form below.  If you would like a paperback you must have a US address for shipping purposes.  To enter tell me your favorite answer to this interview in a comment and fill out the form below!  Good Luck!!


  1. My favorite answer was wanting to cruise to AK- I went and it was beautiful! Go - soon!

  2. ya i guess i can see where it would get annoying and frustrating promoting the books but its part of the career choice and fans love to meet their authors! thank you for the opportunity


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