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Summer at Seaside Cove

Summer at Seaside Cove (Berkley Sensation)Jacquie D’Alessandro
ISBN: 978-0-425-24149-3
Publisher: Penguin
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Source: Season for Romance

From the moment Jamie arrives in Seaside Cove she is convinced her luck is doomed.  The cozy beach cottage she rented is more of a rustic shack than a quaint getaway.  The owner is MIA, rumored to be off on a bender, and the real estate agent insists he can’t help.  Jamie would leave if it didn’t involve returning to New York where her personal life holds humiliation, anger and entrapment, not to mention she Sublette her apartment for the summer and used all her potential hotel money for the rental cottage from hell.

Deciding this vacation from her life is still what she needs; Jamie sucks it up and makes the best of her situation while waiting for her neighbor and landlord to return.  When Nick finally returns he is in for the surprise of his life. Then again, so is Jamie.  The sparks fly as these two ignite in fury and passion.  Matters are complicated when everyone Jamie has tried to escape from drops in unexpectedly throughout the summer.  Her plans of solace and self discovery fly out the window as Jamie seeks healing and comfort from her most unexpected source.

When I began this book I could only think, “Who wouldn’t run from a cheating boyfriend and betraying sister?”  I easily connected with Jamie from the beginning of this novel.  After all, “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” and Jamie has been scorned twice!  I enjoyed the many surprises that this story holds.  The author easily kept me intrigued with the mysteriousness of Nick, the drama of Jamie and the oddities and comforts of a small town.

One of my favorite moments in the book took place as Jamie discovers the beach she came to relax on.

“The pathway turned from sandy path to weathered boardwalk as she approached the rise of vegetation covered dunes that [Text removed] provided a natural barrier between the ocean side of the island and the marsh side.  The sounds of the island parties faded, replaced by the low swooshing hum of the ocean. She came over the rise and caught her breath at the endless stretch of dark blue water.
This is why she’d come here.  For peace and soul-healing serenity.  She groaned with delight at the sensation of her toes sinking into the soft, white sand, still warm from a day of sunshine.  [Text removed] She drank in the azure sky streaked with the first mauve ribbons of what promised to be a spectacular sunset.”

This section transplanted me from my couch to the sandy beach.  I could hear the waves, envision the coastline and feel the breeze gently touching my face while the rich smells of the ocean wafted towards me.  Every memory of the beach awakened from my senses.  It was wonderful.  I immensely enjoyed the descriptiveness of the author, which continued throughout the book and was just as picturesque in the steamy scenes that were to come.  She gave just enough description to paint a picture without taking away the opportunity of the readers imagination to grab hold.

Aside from some of the normal annoyances that most romances hold, the re-hashing of thought or feelings as how they “should be”, the book was a great read.  The story was charming, funny, emotional and full of relatable issues.  It was a wonderful contemporary romance that left me ready to meet my own beach hottie!  I would definitely pick up another book by Jackie based on this title.  I also highly recommend this book!  It would be a perfect beach read this summer.

Heat Level: 3

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