Friday, July 8, 2011

Settling: Book Two of the Solid Series & Giveaway

Guest Post by Shelly Workinger, Author of the Solid Series

The leading lady of the “Solid” series – Clio – is certainly not just like me. But when she says, “I was definitely not going to be one of those weird girls who won’t eat in front of guys. The guy thinks you’re freaky while you sit there all hungry and crabby – totally a lose-lose,” she is voicing my exact thoughts.

Just because girls and food have had such a love-hate relationship for, well, ever, doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. Even as I write this post, my husband is telling me how he vividly remembers taking a girl on a date that wouldn’t even order anything; just watched him eat. Seriously. Well, it’s about time someone stood up and said Calorie is a far lesser evil than Crazy.

That’s why it was a given when I started fleshing out my “Solid” heroine that she would eat. Real food. Without obsessing over it. Hey, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I can establish the opposite standard for my bad guys – that they don’t eat! That may or may not be a spoiler for my future books – you’ve been warned!

Anyway, my “FoodFic” campaign is about more than just saving girls from thinking that food is their archenemy; it’s also about giving food some of its dignity back! The vilifying of food is false, mean, and just plain wrong, since we all know that the aroma of a favorite meal can resurrect an apocalyptic day. Food is a hero! Okay, that may be going a little too far.  But food is integral to our lives – chocolate-dipped strawberries for romantic interludes; birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate life; casseroles to offer solace at funerals – and it deserves a place in our fiction!

The meals Clio dives into in “Solid” and “Settling” include fried chicken with mashed potatoes and snappy green beans, and a picnic of roast beef po’ boys with blue chips and Tabasco-laced guacamole. Sometimes I make myself hungry just writing the scenes, and I hope to whet your appetite for both good reads and good eats!

I LOVE this series.  It's a step outside of my normal reading but both novels are intriguing and well written, they have captivated me from start to finish!  Settling is the second book of this series and picks up right where Solid left off.  Instead of leaving the campus, Clio and her friends decide they want to stay and continue their course of self -discovery.  They are all quite unique and not ready to give up the freedom and likeness they have with each other that they don't have outside the military campus.  However, not everyone on campus wants the same thing.  Some will stop at nothing and will kill, if that's what it takes to get rid of everyone.  This novel is every bit as good as its predecessor.  I really enjoyed it!  Shelley has a great writing style that hooks your interest and leaves you wanting more!  Beware, the third book is not yet out, you will want more!   Stay Tuned for my full review to come soon.  Read my review of Solid HERE.

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