Friday, January 27, 2012

The Polski Affair & The Family Affair

Leon H Gildin
Diamond River Books
Book Sparks PR

About the Books:

The Polski Affair is the story of Rosa Feurmann and others who found themselves as "guests" of the Hotel Polski during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw. The Hotel mysteriously drew in Jewish survivors who wished to buy their way to freedom. Rosa, a Jewish partisan infiltrates the hotel. She is detected and comes under the personal control of the Hotel's Nazi Commandant.

What she did to survive continues to haunt Rosa's life. She is called as a witness at the Commandant's War Crimes Trial in Heidelberg and years later, she attends a reunion of the surviving hotel 'guests'. It is only upon her return to Israel that Rosa ultimately reconciles her inner conflicts.

The Family Affair is the sequal to The Polski Affair.

My Thoughts
The Polski Affair is beautifully woven story that takes the worst moments of history and shows the courageous capabilities of humans to hope as well as find happiness and normality in the midst of great persecution.  The book grabbed my attention from the start. Gildin writes clearly and with conviction.  This story comes alive off the pages.  I was sucked into Rosa’s life and found myself horrified yet challenged.  This story is compelling!  With a rich history and gripping reality the story of the holocaust is woven into the pages of this book, engrossing the reader until the final page.  The novel is haunting and emotionally difficult to read at times.  However, this is expected due to the content.  I really enjoyed this book.  It gave me a renewed sense of pride for all those who fought to bring freedom to the Jews and end Hitler’s terrorist reign. I would recommend this novel as well as its sequel, The Family Affair.

The Family Affair is the continuing story of The Polski Affair.  It continues the saga by discussing Anna, her family and how the past affects the future.  This book is just as well written as The Polski Affair and is a very quick and simple read.  It reminds readers that the terror and imprisonment that took place had a lasting effect on generations to come.  Even still today, we learn from the past in order to create a better future.  This story shows the frailty of humans and the power of the mind and its ability to remember and haunt even if you want to move on and forget.  I enjoyed both of these novels and recommend them.  The stories are wonderfully done, well developed, compelling and leave you with a sense of thankfulness for the world we now live in, even though it’s still not perfect.

Recommended Read

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