Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Hot Dog Stand in the Himalayas

As a child our imaginations are endless, our ambitions know no bounds, our dreams are realistic possibilities and our feet are never still. Somewhere along the way our feet pause and slow down. Our dreams fade to what will probably never be, and our ambitions have boundaries. We lose sense of our imagination because we are no longer innocent and our imaginations are easily blocked by the harsh realities of life. As far away as these qualities may go, they never disappear. Deep within us all lays our imaginative self, the ambitious dreamer, the child within.

A Hot Dog Stand in the Himalayas captures this child and doesn’t let her go. It is grandma’s memories, a granddaughter’s words and actions spoken, a beacon reminding us all that we are life. We are all the excitement, joy, hopes and dreams. Who says only children can keep that alive? The book challenges you to find your inner five year old and remember. Take your wisdom and knowledge of the years and use it to help fuel those ambitions and dreams, never loosing sight of your imaginations. For “It is if you believe it is”!

I really enjoyed this book. It was simple and easy to read. It was short, a nice cleansing of my mental palette, a break from the longer novels I have been reading. I was wrapped up and drawn into my own childhood memories of my beloved Nana. It was as if I were five again and learning to cook and dream big. It is a flashback, but yet a glimpse of the future. It will challenge you, if not for yourself, then for future generations. I would recommend this book to all readers, young and old. It will hold something different for each, because we are all different. One thing will remain the same, the memory of your youth and the thoughts that young child dreamed and imagined.

Author: Deborah K Martin.   ISBN: 9781438913230

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