Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Department of Temporal Adjustment

Veronica R Tabares
ISBN: 978-1-60916-002-9
Publisher: Sun Break Publishing

Vanessa and Tony are happily married with three beautiful daughters. Both parents are also trying to finish their degrees. In order to always have one parent at home with their daughters, they carefully plan out their work schedules and school schedules to accommodate. This puts Vanessa on campus working in the lab until the early morning hours. She is always cautious and safe, but lately strange things have been happening. Weird noises and odd people keep showing up around campus. One night, when her curiosity gets the best of her, Vanessa discovers a portal in time. Each time she happens upon the portal she is given a memory blocker and allowed to return to the past because she is part of history that cannot be altered. The memory blocker is used to avoid the danger of her spilling the secret of the time portal. This can only be used so many times without dire consequences and side effects. The problem is Vanessa keeps returning. Can the future trust its past to keep a secret?

The Department of Temporal Adjustment was a very original piece of work. I have not read anything like this novel. It follows the life of Vanessa, mom by day, student by night. Always curious, Vanessa gets herself into trouble when she discovers a time portal and keeps falling into it. The book is easy to read and will keep you interested, however it has some flaws and irritations. Vanessa’s children are portrayed as perfect little angels, she calls them her “cherubs”, they rarely do anything wrong and she seems to never tire or get aggravated with them. It was kind of annoying to read this. Her attitude of never getting frustrated or upset or worn out was very fictional. Even the most patient of mothers gets frustrated, worn out, or upset. She literally is “super mom” which doesn’t exist. The book also became very predictable because it started to follow a pattern.

Overall, the book was worth the read. I am glad I chose it. It was enjoyable, original and easy to follow. The title still doesn’t really fit with the book for me, but for lack of a better title, it works. The title didn’t make sense until the last chapter, and then I felt that that part of the book was thrown in just so they could have a title. This is one of those books you cannot judge by its cover.

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