Monday, July 12, 2010

The Plan A Woman In A Plan B World

Author: Debbie Taylor Williams
ISBN: 978-0-89112641-6
Leafwood Publishers

Everyone has a plan for their life, a path they hope to follow, and a journey they wish to complete. Some call it a plan; others call it a vision or a dream. No matter what term you use, you have a Plan A. Unfortunately life does not always follow Plan A, and instead it twists and turns, re-routing you to Plan B. plan B is the alternate route, the route you do not know, did not expect, and need detour signs as guidance to find your way. How do you cope with Plan B? What sustains you and helps carry you through the day to day trials along with the most overwhelming moments? “The Plan A Woman In A Plan B World” tackles the ultimate question, “What do you do when life doesn’t go according to plan?

This book was eye-opening. It gives constructive advice for every situation. The author tackles major issues women face head on and helps explain our world, our lives, our emotions and how we are wired and equipped to deal with issues as they arise and we feel our world crumbling beneath us. The book is divided into three sections; “Live Out Loud”, “Love Out Loud” and “Laugh Out Loud”. She starts the book off by explaining the Plan A and Plan B woman, before diving into issues such as divorce, death of a spouse, child or parent, job loss, health issues, pornography, abandonment, and other significant life changes. She gives valuable feedback, real women’s testimonies and discussion questions to help groups or friends jumpstart conversations to further their learning or healing. Debbie point women to Christ, always reminding us that God is faithful, God is good, and even in turmoil, a rainbow can shine.

The book is suggested for women to read together. I highly suggest you do this, as a group at church, group of friends or one on one with someone you feel comfortable with. The book brings up many topics that can be further discussed in a group setting. Many issues might not relate to you personally, but you can still learn from them by listening to someone else share or by inserting your own struggle and using the suggestions and verses to apply to you. If a particular topic doesn’t pertain to you the author suggests that you keep “what if” in your mind. We easily can learn or prepare by following the example of others, or learning from others who have gone before us. It was easy to replace a battle or struggle of my own with a topic that did not pertain to me. The study is not always specific to each example; rather the example is used to help understand the study.

This book did a great job of tackling major issues or life alternating changes, but lacked on the minor topics that can still be upsetting or throw our plans off course. There are day to day battles that almost every woman faces that are most certainly not in our Plan A. A chapter about daily struggles would have been nice to read. It is after all a day to day walk. I thought the book focused on divorce a little too much, but I can see that it is probably one of the most relatable Plan B issues in today’s society.

Overall, The Plan A Woman In A Plan B World is a wonderful tool for all women. It is a great devotional/self-help title for reading groups, friends and churches. I can easily see this book becoming the next big women’s conference. Many will benefit from this book and the women who have shared within. You will be surprised at all the little things you will learn or be reminded of that will encourage you to press on, keep the faith and fight the fight.

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