Sunday, September 5, 2010

Season of Water and Ice

Season of Water and IceAuthor: Donald Lystra
ISBN: 978-0-87580-628-0
Publisher: Switch Grass Books

Season of Water and Ice is a sharp and intuitive coming of age novel set in the back drop of the 1950’s. The book spans over a couple months in 1957 when Danny DeWitt enters what will be his life turning point. Danny’s family had recently moved to rural northern Michigan due to his fathers ambitious career change. When Danny’s mom could not bear to live in the country she moves to Chicago leaving Danny and his father alone. Danny spends much of these months alone when he is not with Amber, a pregnant and abandoned teenage girl whom he befriends. During the course of many events, including the return of Amber’s boyfriend, Danny transitions from boy to man and the process is one he will never forget.

Season of Water and Ice was a truly inspiring read. The author has a rare sense of writing in which he skillfully turned a coming of age novel into a rich, involved, emotional, intuitive and heartbreaking novel. The book was amazing. The pace was slow and thoughtful, not to say that you'll read it slowly. Its characteristics completely matched those of the 1950’s. The author used much of that era and the concerns of the decade in this book. The reader is given a rare look into the thoughts and emotions of a teenage boy at this time. The book is deeply satisfying. It will connect with the reader on many levels as we have all had our “coming of age” moments.

I enjoyed this novel immensely. It was a very refreshing and different read for me. I was able to connect with Danny, who narrates his own story. The book is full of his thoughts, feelings, frustrations and confusions. The authors’ style of writing amazed me. It was slow and thoughtful, guiding the reader through the pages and unfolding a story of life, love and loss. These topics are visited in a variety of ways which you would typically learn when you are coming of age. I could not put this book down. I found myself deeply involved with the story and shocked with my own progress in the book. I would highly suggest this book as your next read. Its awards, the Midwest Book Award and the Michigan Notable Book Award, are very deserving.

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a winner -- and one I would probably not have heard of if not for your review :)


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