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Bound to Love

Bound to Love (Red Velvet)Author: Sally Clements
ISBN: 978-1844718474
Publisher: Embrace Books
Source: Author for review on A Cozy Reader's Corner
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Reviewed by Megan Bennett for A Cozy Reader's Corner Reviews

Synopsis from Book:
Jake Forrester, a controlled, self-reliant security expert scarred by his father’s murder is pursuing his goal of an independent life, relying on himself and logic, until he’s forced to accept the help of an impulsive, spirited goldsmith who follows her instincts, wherever they may lead.

When Tempest MacKenzie witnesses a gorgeous stranger being bundled into a van, she tries to help him, but becomes tangled in a complex web of intrigue. Tempest finds stubborn Jake attractive, compelling and infuriating, his logic the complete antithesis of her reliance on her instincts. And Jake is fascinated and attracted to the feisty redhead.

As they spend time together trying to thwart a heist at the British Museum, the attraction between them flares out of control. The thief has a grudge against Jake, and danger stalks their every move. Will Jake learn to trust Tempest’s intuition, before it’s too late?

Characters: The personality traits of the two main characters in this novel were pretty important for the story and I feel the traits were well developed. Tempest always follows her instincts and Jake is all about being logical. The characters are typically not attracted to the other's personality type so that is part of the struggle in the development of their relationship. Also, both main characters are influenced greatly by deaths in their past which enhances their understanding of one another throughout the story. Also, I feel like the author did a great job voicing the characters' honest thoughts about the situation throughout the story by including commentary from their inside thoughts.

Storyline: The storyline was creative, yet somewhat predictable. I kept waiting for an unexpected event to occur, something to put a spin on the story, but never encountered quite what I was hoping for. Nevertheless the story kept my attention and it didn't take me long to read the book. Also, while the two main characters get together quite frequently, it is left mostly up to the reader's imagination. So if you are in the mood for steamy sex scenes this may not be the book for you.

Style of writing: I enjoyed this author's style of writing. You are able to read from more than one point of view which really allows for a sense of what the two main characters are thinking. The author seemed very experienced and was able to add good detail to help create images of the setting and characters.

Pace: Overall the pace was good. There was never a dull moment in the story, but it never felt rushed.

Setting: The story took place in multiple parts of the country, however, mainly in the UK. The author took advantage of different locations to move the story along and used France as a place where Jake and Tempest really started to fall for one another - very romantic. I always enjoy reading stories set outside of the United States and this author provided great detail in describing cities that I really have no knowledge of.

Overall opinion: I found the characters to be unique and the plot interesting, but it felt anticlimactic at times. I would recommend this to someone else to read if they enjoy a tame romance with a little bit of suspense.

3.5 out of 5 Photobucket


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