Sunday, April 3, 2011

Phew! Moving is......

A LOT OF WORK!  Those of you who follow me on twitter or Facebook have probably seen my tweets and status updates about my up coming move.  Well.... I moved!  I also slept like a baby last night.  I am aware of muscles I had forgotten about.  I am so excited to be in our new home!  I am also in a bit of disarray due to the very unorganized and cluttered house I now live in.  Simple task such as brushing your teeth are a chore because who knows where the tooth brushes and tooth paste are located??  I actually couldn't find them this morning and ended up having to run to Walmart and brush my teeth at work!  I felt like I a 22 year old returning from a passion filled night, the way I snuck out of the house finished getting ready at work!  It was an odd feeling.

So, how am I doing now?  I'm GREAT!  We have a lot of unpacking to do in order to make our home livable.  I worked my tail off last night getting the kids bedroom and playroom ready so that they would be all set!  I couldn't find my toothbrush but God forbid they don't have toys to play with!  Times like this make me aware of myself as a mother.  I have lots of reading to do, many author interviews and giveaways to post, and quite a lot of fun in store for my blog!  If you have a blog or a Goodreads profile and would like to be part of a blog tour please let me know!  Sign ups will be posted soon for a romance novel!  I'd love to have you as part of this tour. 

 Warm wishes from a small hole in the midst of boxes,

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  1. I'm not big on romance, but thriller/mystery I'm always happy to step into for you. :)


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