Friday, November 18, 2011

Bonjour 40

Author: Karen Chase
Publisher: Self-Published, Karen Chase
Source: BookSparks PR
Rating: Highly Recommended

About the Book:

If Karen A. Chase absolutely had to turn forty, she decided she could do it gracefully in Paris… for nearly forty days. What began as a blog to communicate with friends and family, became a travel journal filled with over a months’ worth of humorous and insightful glimpses into her Paris adventures, each of which could be read in about forty seconds. Journal entries are interspersed with Chase's own inspiring photography. Additional, longer stories richly fill in details allowing readers to reflect upon her experiences with food, travel, photography, Parisians, writing, and love in the City of Lights. Through her Parisian- and self-exploration, comes a book that brings to life the richness of Paris as seen through the eyes of a romantic travel junkie. Chase shows readers the joys of turning 40, and with her magical view of Paris, they'll be ready to board a plane before they've turned the last page.


I've always wanted to go to Paris!  Unfortunately, I hate to fly.  I detest it so much that I avoid flying unless absolutely necessary.  Since I don't have the funds to head to Paris, the flight is nowhere near necessary for me so I live vicariously through others.  I saw all this to say that I loved living vicariously through Karen.  If you want to feel like your in Paris and enjoy Paris through the eyes of a charming and down to earth woman, read this book. 

At 134 pages this memoir is a quick and easy read.  It is very enjoyable to follow Karen on her 40 day trip. I thought the author celebrated her 40th birthday in the most perfect way!  Everyone should celebrate a memorable birthday by doing something they have always wanted to do.  It was inspiring.  The book itself is a travelogue of sorts.  I enjoyed her travel stories.  I found myself entertained with her humor and enlightened with learning. 

For those who love Paris, want to love Paris or simply want to escape or travel, this book is perfect.  It is honest and natural since the author's real life story is spilled across pages that tell a story within her story.  Since she has nothing to loose and everything to give, this book is an insightful look at Paris, it's people, a culture and a woman in the prime of her life.  Hello 40! Are you ready?? Read it, you'll enjoy it.

Highly Recommended

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