Thursday, November 3, 2011

With Just One Click

Author: Amanda Strong
ISBN: 978-1-257-09241-3
Publisher: Self-Published
Source: CLP Book Tour
Rating: Don't Miss, Must Read

About the Book:

Reluctance was matched with a pit in my stomach; once I joined, anyone could randomly find me...did I really want to be found?" Chloe, a successful movie reviewer and serial dater, finds herself added as a friend by her first love. The one who left her at seventeen standing with a note in her hand as he simply walked away. Will she allow herself to open old wounds? Morgan, a loyal stay-at-home mom and wife, discovers one of her husband's friends is his very single and flirtatious ex-girlfriend from high school. Will obsession and jealousy tear her solid marriage apart when she hunts for the truth? Brynn, a lonely forty year-old living with her two distant teenage children and workaholic husband, fights temptation while revisiting the past with one of her friends. Will her deception destroy her family? Three lives changed forever WITH JUST ONE CLICK. Confirming a friend isn't as simple as it seems... but do these women have more in common than just Facebook?

My Review:

I have just one question...Are you on Facebook?  If your answer is yes, this book is a must read for you!  If your answer is no, I have to ask... Where are you?  Regardless of where you can be found, this book is a great read.  For those on or off Facebook, this book has plenty of entertaining characters and real life situations that bring up a host of topics for discussion. It is an enticing and irresistible read.  I loved Chloe, Morgan and Brynn's stories.  All three women are in different places and stages in their life, yet they have one key social media platform in common, Facebook.

The novel follows these three women on their different journeys with Facebook.  Chloe, who is still looking for love, friends a man who broke her heart by breaking up with her via a note because of his parents.  The spark is still alive, but they live on opposite sides of the country.  Will they have a second chance?  Chloe's journey reminds me of the many choices I've had to friend or de-friend an ex or other person from my past.  It also reminded me of how easy it is to connect with people all over the world through social media platforms, yet it makes me question the connection how real is it?  How deep?

Morgan, a happily married wife, discovers her jealous nature when her husband accepts the friendship of an ex-girlfriend.  The ex-girlfriend constantly writes on his wall in a flirtatious manner.  Morgan's happy marriage has turned into paranoia central.  Fed up with her Facebook stalking, Morgan's husband de-friends her.  This made me laugh.  I can't tell you how many times I have noticed someone who post on a friends wall constantly.  Regardless of ex, friend, lover, parent or anything else, we all notice when attention isn't focused on our self.  If you aren't in touch with your jealous side, Facebook can easily put you in touch with it.

Brynn, a once happily married woman is no longer happy in her marriage.  She is bored with her workaholic husband.  When she finds an old boyfriend on Facebook, Brynn comes dangerously close to having an affair.  her story shows how easy it is to go to far with the open communication and easy access of Facebook.

I loved this novel.  Through each story I could identify with my own experiences with Facebook.  Though somewhat different, the general topics cover a large portion of issues revolving social media platforms along with the good, bad and the ugly of them.  I thought this novel was entertaining and hard to put down.  it is a must read for book clubs due to its high level of topical conversation.  This one will have you talking and sharing Facebook stories with friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you may know!

Don't Miss, Must Read

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