Saturday, January 14, 2012

Arrow Rock

Author: Sandy Selby
Series: Image of America
ISBN: 978-0738591544
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
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About the Book:
From its earliest appearance in recorded history, Arrow Rock has been a destination for travelers. Native Americans came for the flint at the "rock of arrows," Lewis and Clark noted "a cliff called the Arrow Rock," and pioneers stocked their wagons there before heading down the Santa Fe Trail. Established in 1829, Arrow Rock grew quickly and attracted powerful citizens, including the innovative Dr. John Sappington and artist George Caleb Bingham. By the mid-1800s, Arrow Rock was a center for commerce and politics, but its prominence was short-lived. It was devastated by fires, bypassed by railroads, and abandoned by the shifting Missouri River. Its story might have ended there, but another kind of pioneer arrived in the early 20th century, when the Daughters of the American Revolution restored the deteriorating J. Huston Tavern. Other preservationists followed, and because of their commitment, today's Arrow Rock is a National Historic Landmark with lovingly restored properties, a thriving professional theater, and citizens who believe the town's future lies in its extraordinary past.

About the Author:
Author Sandy Selby, an award-winning writer and editor, lives in Arrow Rock, where she serves as a town board representative, Friends of Arrow Rock trustee, and Historic Arrow Rock Council president.  Sandy is also the editor-in-chief of Inside Columbia Magazine, an award winning city magazine.

I am proud to present Arrow Rock to all of you!  I work with Sandy and know she has put a lot of time and effort into this book.  She has put her heart and soul into this book.  Sandy is a writer full of integrity and I'm proud to know her and watch her celebrate during this exciting time.  If you love history, non-fiction, or intriguing writing, you'll love this book.  It is available for pre-order and makes it's debut May 7th!

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