Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fire Season

Author: VH Folland
ISBN: 978-0954122775
Publisher: Ragged Angel LTD
Source: Author for Review
Rating: Recommended Read

For Matt and his flying club, there weren't any options left. Trapped residents, threatened towns and one small airstrip safely upwind of the fire line.

It's not a promising position, but they volunteer to help anyway, hoping a protected position and a close base might make a difference to the fire fighters.

And then the wind changes....

My Thoughts:
Fire Season is an enjoyable book told in a first person account while shifting between characters.  It is descriptive and educational in regards to flying and the manuevers used though the technical sections didn’t hold my interest.  While it takes a little bit for the drama of this story to start, it’s understandable since the author is setting the story up for the reader.   The story is full of adventure, danger, tension and drama.  There are victims, rescues and heroes.  It is a novel that has a little of everything, giving it a wide range for potentially interested readers.  The book has highs and lows.  Some sections kept me on the edge of my seat while others were more story based and less action filled.
The personalities of the characters are layered, creating multi-faceted characters. Interactions between the characters are quite natural and not forced which gives the book believability.  The story overall is poignant and harrowing with a very realistic side.  Overall, this one is well written and flows easily though it can be slow at random sections.  I wish people had been introduced a little slower into the story rather than dumping them all quickly.  I had to think to keep track of them and remember why they are in the story and how they are connected.  It concludes with a strong finish that left a good overall impression of the book with me.  I would recommend this book to those who like fiction, action, historical or fire rescue stories.
Recommended Read

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