Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Stages of Grief

5 Stages of Grief
Bethany Ramos
Black Opal Books
ISBN: 97819372329105
Source: Author/Chick-lit Plus
Rating: Highly Recommended

About the Book:

Danielle thinks that the worst is behind her, but she couldn’t have been more wrong... As a beauty editor of Denver's hot new High Life magazine, Danielle Starkey didn’t have becoming a widow on her to-do list. Then nine months after her husband’s death, she discovers he booked a vacation with another woman. Suddenly, Danielle sees Adam’s death in a whole new light and has to get over it - for the second time. Hit with the truth when she least expects it, Danielle brings a fresh, funny, and honest approach to the grieving process as she struggles through online dating, stalking her dead husband’s mistress, and, hopefully, finding the man of her dreams. With her stubborn and sassy best friend April by her side. Danielle refuses to let sleeping dogs lie. Will she finally face the truth about herself and her marriage? Or will she succumb to one of the five stages of grief?
I laughed reading the first line of this book, which always bodes well. It's hard enough to start a book and instantly attract the readers attention, but to make me laugh out loud on top of that is almost impossible. Luckily, unlike other books I've read, this one kept its witty, realistic, and emotional approach as it followed Danielle's reaction to her grief. One of the things I loved about this novel was its outrageously unbelievable yet totally realistic and understandable approach to grief. Since people handle grief in so many ways, nothing is completely out of the question, but Ramos takes a clever, witty and emotionally driven look at grief and it works!
The novel is well written, evenly paced and sad yet funny. The characters are a well developed group. Each has there own place in the story that wouldn't be good without them. The plot or idea of behind the novel is not new. Losing your husband, becoming a widow and then finding out he had a mistress or another wife has been done before in fiction and through memoirs. However, the humor in this book is a new angle to this type of storyline and I loved this approach. Bethany Ramos pens a wonderful debut novel that will have me looking for her next book. If you have kids, she has written a children's book as well! Check out her books, they are a great investment of your reading hours!
Highly Recommended

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