Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girl Unmoored

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Author: Jennifer  Gooch Hummer
ISBN: 978-193655839-8
Publisher: Fiction Studio Books
Rating: Highly Recommended

Love doesn’t always mean rings and veils and walks down the aisle.
Sometimes love means broken windows and broken hearts,
And not being able to fix either.
And sometimes love means telling you,
There’s no such thing as time in Heaven so don’t rush to meet me.
Stay a while, and pick, girl, the roses.
Apron Bramhall has come unmoored. Fortunately, she’s about to be saved by Jesus. Not that Jesus—the actor who plays him in Jesus Christ Superstar. Apron is desperate to avoid the look-alike Mike, who’s suddenly everywhere, until she’s stuck in church with him one day. Then something happens-Apron’s broken heart blinks on for the first time since she’s been adrift.

Mike and his boyfriend, Chad, offer her a summer job in their flower store, and Apron’s world seems to calm.  But when she uncovers Chad’s secret, stormy seas return. Apron starts to see things the adults around her fail to –like what love really means, and who is paying too much for it.

Apron has come unmoored, but now she’ll need to take the helm if she’s to get herself and those she loves to safe harbor.

My Review:
Girl Unmoored is a coming of age story that follows Apron through her 7th grade year.  Apron has already experienced tragedy too great for someone her age, but the losses have only begun.  To say her coming of age was difficult is an understatement.  However, within the pages of trial and challenge lies a story of a young girl who overcomes it all and succeeds. This story is about her struggles and her victories, bringing a range of emotions to the table and a whole lot of unexpected laughter.  The humor, well written plot, great character development and moving emotions makes it hard to believe Girl Unmoored is a debut novel.
While I didn’t agree with every topic in this book, it was a tough, touching, funny and intelligent real world inspired story. This novel was what I call “reader friendly.”  No matter where you are on your reading journey, this book is easy to read, understand and relate too.  It wasn’t overly intelligent and smug or written without challenge to the reader. I feel like there was enough non-fiction realities in this book to make it a relatable coming of age story, yet enough fiction to keep it light and moving.  This one is quite different.  It kind of reminded me of the movie Juno in some ways, though I can’t exactly pin point why.  Regardless, this book is one I think many will enjoy and recommend.

Jennifer Gooch Hummer


  1. this book look interesting ,,, I will make sure to check it up soon :)

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughtful review Tiffany! I really appreciate your kind words!

  3. Much appreciative of your thoughtful review, Tiffany! Especially the part about this book being quite different--I read it and LOVED it for so many reasons, but mainly because it's not a recycled YA story, not another vampire book. A story about finding friends in odd places at moments in our lives when we need them most is timeless!


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