Friday, June 17, 2011

The Best Kept Bookmarks!

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During my recent visit to Barnes and Nobles, which consisted of hours spent reading to my children in the kids section, I left with a new and wonderful find!  So wonderful in fact, that I am blogging about it while shopping online to find more for my new collection!  "What did I discover" you ask?  Magnetic Bookmarks! 

I am not only a lover of all things bookish, I am a little neurotic about my bookish things.  For example, my books pass for brand new after I am finished reading them.  I cannot stand folded pages, bent covers or anything less than pristine for my books!  Now, I do have great books that were bought at library sales that are obviously less than perfect but its okay because I didn't make them that way, I bought them that way.  However, if I buy or receive a book in perfect condition it must stay that way and bookmarks are one of the steps that ensure perfection!

This brings me to my wonderful discovery, a cute, compact, beautiful little tab that keeps your page handy by sitting on the page and holding on tight!  Take a square piece of paper about 2 inches by 2 inches and fold it in half.  Put that over the top of your page so the fold rests in line with the page and one side of each tab surrounds the page.  Now, imagine that its magnetized and will hold perfectly.  This great little bookmark never falls out, isn't too heavy and is easy to find!  This makes me very happy! While it keeps my books pristine I can also attach it to the cover of the book while reading.  I have not yet had to say "Hey!  What happened to my bookmark?"

I HIGHLY suggest them if you have not yet discovered them for yourself.  If you have share your experience!  Do you have any designs you love?  Suggestions of where to buy cute designed magnetic bookmarks?? 


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