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The Seven Year Bitch Review & Giveaway

The Seven Year BitchAuthor: Jennifer Belle
ISBN: 978-1-59448-516-9
Publisher: Penguin
Purchase Link: The Seven Year Bitch
Source: TLC Blog Tour

Isolde Brilliant had a great job, great husband, and great life. Her only wish was to be a mother, and when it came true she lost her job, her marriage became shaky, and dirty diapers appeared.

When her best friend leaves her husband after the "the seven year itch," Isolde wonders if she'll fall victim to a similar fate. Can she make the life she has become what she actually wants?


The Writing Style of Jennifer Belle is one of the aspects I enjoyed about this novel. It was very easy to read and follow. I read the book within hours across a two day span. It flowed smoothly and clearly made a picture for me as the reader. I will try another novel based on her writing clarity and flow.

The Pace of this novel was steady with random slow sections, though they were not large. Overall I read this book quickly. The author guides the reader efficiently and steadily. The pace matches the setting.

The Setting is perfect for the story. I don’t think this story could take place anywhere aside from New York City.

The Storyline is where I ran into issues with this novel. The story was uninteresting and devoid of substance for me. In addition it was unrealistic at times. Isolde loses her job as a hedge fund manager and her husband doesn’t make much money with his home run publishing company. In fact, she admits they have put more money into his publishing company than making anything from it. Though Isolde is given a severance package, I doubt it could be enough to support a family in New York City for over two years, especially when they have a vacation house and a nanny who watches their son while Isolde enjoys herself during the day. Granted if you were a successful hedge fund manager, you could possibly have enough money that you’d never have to worry, but it seems unrealistic considering Isolde doesn’t seek out full-time employment and also pays for her nanny to receive medical treatment from a fertility specialist, complete with invetro-fertilization.

I wasn’t sure where this story was going or what real point it had until the very end. Isolde is a character who didn’t seem to know what she wanted out of life or who she wanted in life, given her desire to divorce her husband and escape her son for 40-50 hours a week, though she’s no longer a fund manager or looking for employment. At the very end of the novel everything clicked together, making the point of the story, but by then I was already finished and couldn’t rewind my thoughts and feelings.

The Characters of this story weren’t all together likeable. I liked Isolde oddly enough, though I don’t see her as someone I could be friends with, I understood her in an odd way. I wasn’t a fan of her husband at all. Her friends weren’t impressive either. None of the characters drew me into this story. I generally found them shallow and annoying.

The Humor of this novel is dry, witty and full of it. I laughed a couple times, but most of the humor was lost on me. Though I could see it, it just wasn’t my taste.

Overall the novel brings up the idea of a marriage on the bring of failing, a wife unhappy and yet unwilling to divorce for the sake of her son. Thrown into the mix is life in its rawest of forms. The characters are left to decide what is best for them in marriage, happiness and life. This story was okay, it just simply wasn’t my cup of tea. There may be others who will appreciate this novel more than I did and I’m glad. I can’t say I recommend it based on my experience but if you find the synopsis interesting I urge you to read the other reviews on this tour and maybe give it a try. You might enjoy it.

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