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Dream Big Little Pig

Dream Big, Little Pig!
Author: Kristi Yamaguchi Illustrated by Tim Bowers
ISBN: 978-1-4022-5275-4
Publisher: Sourcebooks
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Source: BookPleasures

Poppy the pig has big dreams. She wants to be a star! When poppy attempts stardom with her not so graceful ballet moves, her friends and family politely suggest she try something different. Ballet simply might not be for her. With head held high and a wonderful attitude to match, Poppy tries singing, and modeling with no luck. Her family is a constantly supporting her and encouraging her to dream big and give it her all. Just when Poppy thinks she will never find something she is truly good at she discovers the magic of ice skating. With each practice Poppy learns and excels, her dreams of being a star come true. This delightful little book proves dreams can never be too big!

As a little girl I loved watching Kristi Yamaguchi as well as many others skate so beautifully across the ice. I had dreams of becoming a figure skating champion among many others. The wonderful thing about dreams is that not all of them come true, but when one does it simply outshines all the others. It’s the best feeling in the world. I loved this book! The message sent to children through Poppy’s story conveys the truth. Not everyone will excel at the same sport or activity. They might attempt something they are interested and find out it’s not for them and that’s okay, as long as you try your best and keep trying new things. It also sends a message to parents about being supportive of your child’s dream, whatever they may be.

This book is beautiful. I loved the colorful illustrations. Each illustration conveyed a message about what was going on in the story. They are bold, beautiful, bright and charming! The book would most likely attract the attention of little girls but is not gender specific since the message applies to all. Based on these illustrations I will look for other titles illustrated by Tim Bowers. My daughters and I completely enjoyed them!

I highly recommend Dream Big Little Pig! It has everything you could want in a story. It’s easy to read, fun to look at and conveys a good message. Ms. Yamaguchi has as much talent in writing as she did on the rink. If you have a daughter ages 2-6 they are sure to love this title. Don’t leave out little boys, they can enjoy it too! Dream Big Little Pig is a delightful, inspiring and positive book for children with even the smallest of dreams.


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