Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day In The Life of Kimberley Freeman

A day in the life of Kimberley Freeman
Guest post by Kimberley Freeman, author of Wildflower Hill
Written for A Cozy Reader's Corner Reviews

5am. Alarm goes off. I like to write very early in the morning, before the critical side of my brain wakes up. I also like to sleep very early in the morning, especially in winter as it is now here in Australia. My electric blanket is just so warm. Hit the snooze button.

5.20am. Get serious this time. Work out a plan where I fetch my laptop and bring it back to bed. Win! Try to stay off Facebook. Write ten words. Go on Facebook and write 100 words updating status and commenting on friends' stuff. Look at the time. Jump out of bed and throw on track-pants and trainers.

6.00am. Meet my friend Mary-Rose on the bush track at the bottom of the mountain near my house. Walk up talking about writing (she is a writer too). Agree that writing is terribly difficult.

7.00am. Peanut butter toast and a hot cup of tea for breakfast. Make kids' breakfasts and lunches. Pack them up, run one to kindy, the other to school. Vow that I will write as soon as I get home.

9.00am. Get home. Immediately see the seventeen housework chores that need doing. Shake fists and proclaim that I need a wife. Do the seventeen housework chores.

11.00am. Make tea. Vow to start writing before tea is cold. Peek at Facebook. Nobody has responded to my witty morning status update. Feel a little miffed. Open my story, work out where I was up to. Disappear down rabbit-hole.

1.45pm. Have forgotten lunch. Have forgotten load of laundry in the washing machine still. Proudly proclaim on Facebook that I've written 3000 words. Think of self as complete genius. Watch eps of 30 Rock while eating potato chips until school pick up.

3.30pm. Return from school pick up. Make food, bathe children, read to children, put children to bed, then back to bed, then back to bed, then back to bed...

9.00pm. Read over the day's writing. Immediately realise I am NOT a genius. Fiddle with the sentences. Despair. Drink tea. Realise it's ten o'clock and go to bed, promising self to do better tomorrow.

12.00am. Wake up with absolutely utterly brilliant idea for a way to tie up loose ends of the story. Accidentally fall back to sleep and forget it.

5.00am. Repeat.

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