Sunday, August 7, 2011

Look What I Discovered!

My guest post written for Jewels for Hope.  Hope you enjoy!!

If you’re anything like me you’ll love this find!  I LOVE my paperbacks!  Mass market or trade, I buy them all!  While I have an e-reader, it’s just not the same as a book.  I love the feel, the smell, the experience and the shopping!  However, I also prefer my books stay as near to mint condition as possible.  I don’t like torn covers, ripped pages or folds and creases.  As a mom and business professional, my books go everywhere with me!  I discovered that keeping them in like new condition while in a purse, bag or around the kids is extremely difficult.  My worries vanished the moment I happened upon my newest find, the paperback book cover!

Purchased from Gail at QuiltSewCover.Etsy.Com, these covers are environmentally friendly, inexpensive and made of cotton fabric, tailored to your personal style and flair.  She even has checkbook covers, passport covers and other neat items.  Buying from Gail was a pleasure!  When she didn’t have the cover I wanted, listed in the size I needed, I simply messaged her to inquire and she made it for me!  In addition, I have many ARC’s that are sent to me and are not a normal size.  Gail is currently making me a custom cover to fit the books!  QuiltSewCover.Etsy.Com offers these homemade, soft, fabric covers in many designs sizes!  I was thrilled when my purchased arrived in the mail!  They are expertly sewn and fit my books beautifully.  I have had so many compliments from other readers!

In short, I absolutely love my covers!  They keep my paperbacks neat and clean are equipped with a bookmark which is built into the cover itself!  Another perk to these covers is that no one knows what I’m reading.  This is great for my romance novels!  While I am not ashamed, there are times where the cover of the book can be inappropriate for the audience I am around.  This book cover comes in handy for the park, my job and other public places where I prefer not to display the cover.  I highly recommend them!  Browse her shop at QuiltSewCover.Etsy.Com and tell her Tiffany sent you!

FAQ's:  I have been asked the following questions often!  I will answer them for you too!

Q:  Will it fold my cover back?A: NO!  I have read multiple books of all sizes both tight fitting and loose.  It does not bend my front or back cover in any way.

Q:  Will it fit any paperback?A:  Yes.  On her site she tells you how many pages will fit.  Need a bigger size?  Just ask!  She will have you measure what she needs in regards to the book and make it for you.

Q:  Are they washable?A:  Yes, but I wouldn't suggest washing them constantly.  Make sure to ask her to spray fabric guard on the cover.  She does this for free and it helps protect them from stains.


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