Monday, November 8, 2010

Chrissie’s Shell

Author: Brooke Keith Illustrator: Mary Bausman
Publisher: Warner Press Kids
ISBN: 978-15-9317-398-2
Source: Net Galley

To everyone who has ever felt empty
 may God fill you to overflowing.
To everyone who has ever felt less than beautiful
 look again…
God made you spectacular.

Chrissie the turtle felt invisible, she compared herself to others and fell short. Everyone had something she liked, big eyes, pink tails, the ability to turn into a butterfly or hand upside down. Chrissie was slow paced and observant of the world around her, after all she had the time. She often imagined herself as other animals she envied until the day she realized exactly how special and spectacular God made her.

Chrissie’s Shell is a cute story with a good lesson. The inside matters far more than the outward appearance, though we should still maintain a healthy life and a clean personal hygiene. A beautiful person on the inside shines through in their outward appearance. A true and kind friend is far greater than a beautiful mean friend. Chrissie’s shell teaches the value of being a beautiful person from the inside out. It is a fabulous book for children growing up in a world of fake beauty and outward judgment. I would recommend this book specifically for children ages 2-8 years of age.



  1. Thanks so much for reviewing children's books. I have young grandsons and want to find books they wouldn't have.

  2. This is perfect for my cousin. Thanks so much for the review!!

  3. Thank you ladies! You're very welcome! I have a children's lit label on the right hand side bar under labels that will bring you to any and all children's books reviewed. More will come soon!

  4. This sounds like such a lovely book, with a message every child should hear...thanks for highlighting it Tiffany :)


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