Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Interview with Kathryn Rose author of "The Parent's Guide to Facebook"

The Parent's Guide to Facebook: Tips and Strategies to Protect Your Children on the World's Largest Social Network
To read my review of "The Parent's Guide to Facebook: Tips and Strategies to Protect Your Children on the World's Largest Social Network" Click Here.  Enjoy the Interview!

Will you help explain social networking?
There are many users for social networks such as Facebook, but many aren't really aware of what it is and how it effects users.  Social networking is a new way to reach out and communicate with your clients, customers and prospects. It is overwhelming to many, but once you learn some of the tips and tricks to help you get started and manage all of these accounts, users will see a great benefit to both understanding their clients, finding new ones and closing sales.

What prompted your interest in being a specialist and trainer in social media?
 I am what I like to call an "accidental entrepreneur" I was laid off from my wall street job and had to find a new career so I began by learning Search Engine Optimization and then added in social media.

Are you a mom? What is your greatest fear in regards to your children and the Internet?
Yes, I am a mom, my biggest fear is that my son will not understand the impact of his "digital footprint" and post things that he will later regret.

You also wrote a guide for Grandparents on Facebook. How does that guide differ from the Parent's version?
The grandparent's guide includes a "skype" module that helps them install and communicate through free audio and video chats with their loved ones. I personally use skype a lot and I love it!

You have written other step by step guides, what is else is available to social network users?
The Step by Step Guides to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and SEO/Video marketing will be out on Amazon by the end of next week. I'm very excited!

If you had one piece of wisdom to share with everyone what would it be?
Don't be afraid of the technology. Parent's need to be a part of the social conversation to understand what their children are doing and try and protect them and their privacy.

Thank you very much to Kathryn for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions and help readers learn a little more about her! 

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  1. What a great interview! I think it's so important for parents to understand social networking and the impact it can have on their kids lives.


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