Thursday, November 11, 2010

God and Dog

GoD and DoG
Author: Wendy Francisco
ISBN: 978-1-59995-379-3
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
Source: Publisher for Review
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God and Dog first appeared on you Tube and was instantly a very popular video. The animated illustrations and moving son deliver a message of unwavering love and devotion that dogs have for their owners, relating it to the essence of God and his love and devotion for us. Due to this extreme popularity and request for God and Dog in book format, I am able to provide you with a review for God and Dog the book!

God and Dog is a simple, well illustrated inspirational book. Readers of all ages can enjoy this book and its simple message. God is with us always. God is happy when we return to him. God loves us unconditionally. He forgives always. I really enjoyed the simple message and reminders in this book. The illustrations are wonderful. This book stays on my coffee table and everyone has something positive to say when they read it. It is short and that is perfect! It doesn’t need to say more. It was a fun and cute read with an inspirational message of hope.


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  1. Gotta love sweet simple books like this one :)


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