Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Kitchen Daughter

The Kitchen DaughterAuthor: Jael McHenry
ISBN: 978-1-4391-9169-9
Publisher: Gallery Books
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Source: Book Pleasures

When Ginny’s parents die unexpectedly, Ginny, a sheltered and shy young woman, struggles deeply, seeking comfort within the kitchen.  Cooking is the only thing has ever made sense to Ginny, a young woman with Aspersers syndrome.  When she starts making recipes and seeing the ghost of the recipes owner, Ginny knows she must never reveal this fact to her sister, Amanda, who has been overbearing and pushy since their parents death.  Realizing the ghosts are appearing for a reason, Ginny begins to call them on purpose in order to find clues to a well kept family secret.  In the process Ginny discovers secrets about herself, her family and others and learns how to deal with her grief while trying to overcome her disabilities.

The Kitchen Daughter was a fabulous read.  I loved every minute of this tragically inspiring story.  The novel is surprisingly upbeat for a novel in which you’d expect otherwise.  McHenry brings life and laughter into a challenging situation.  Ginny, who discovers she has Aspersers syndrome, learns to deal with the challenges of her personality rather than hiding behind them.  I loved learning about this syndrome!  It was fascinating to read about.

I found myself with writers block while trying to write this review.  There are some books that are simply wonderful, they click with the reader and leave them wanting more from the author.  It can be hard to put words to these books.  Instead I find myself recommending them to anyone and everyone without a lengthy review.  The Kitchen Daughter is that book for me.  I enjoyed it.  I will re-read it.  I will read more from the author, but I can’t seem to find the words to say exactly how I enjoyed this book.  It was simply enjoyable and delightful to read. It was unique in its storyline which appealed deeply to me.

I highly recommend this book.  I enjoyed reading a story that was realistic to life and not all fairy tales and happy endings.  I also learned something new and found a new must read author to add to my growing list.  It’s a beautiful debut that captures the attention of the reader and guides you through the story.  I can’t wait to read more from Jael.  I adore her picturesque writing style.  It enabled me to envision the setting and characters while keeping a smooth flow and broad appeal.  This one won’t disappoint you.


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