Monday, August 15, 2011

Treasuring Emma

Treasuring Emma (A Middlefield Family Novel)
Author: Kathleen Fuller
ISBN: 978-1595547754
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Source: Book Sneeze Program

Plain, even to the Amish, Emma has had her share of heartache.  When Adam, the boy she loves, abandons the Amish life, leaving her behind, Emma is heartbroken.  Not long after, Emma’s father dies and her mother becomes ill.  Emma cares for her mother until her death, which leaves Emma and her grandmother alone in the family home.  Emma is responsible for holding onto her residence amidst the financial difficulties she faces.  Her grandma’s failing health and her married sister’s pushy nature cause stress for Emma, who is just trying to cope.  When Adam returns and her brother-in-law’s handsome cousin visits, Emma ends up more confused than ever.  What is God’s plan for her life?
The faith that God has a plan and will provide for those who trust in him is evident in this book.  Emma has many difficult issues and relationships that need to be resolved with closure.  Her life has not gone according to her plans, but God’s way is not always our way and Emma learns this lesson.  The book depicts the Amish way of life wonderfully. 
The book was an enjoyable work of Amish fiction.  I would have liked to see the characters developed a little deeper.  There is quite a lot going on between Emma and her sister, as well as Emma and Adam.  I felt there was more of a story to these relationships that wasn’t being discovered.  I also felt the trouble coming from Mark could have been explored a little deeper, to give the reader a better understanding of who he is and what threat he represents as the complication in this story.
I enjoyed this story, but it’s not one I could re-read.  It was pleasant, flowed well and kept my attention.  It was a wholesome and entertaining read, but lacked in some areas for me.  If you are a fan of Amish fiction this is a good read.  I’d recommend it, but it doesn’t replace any of my favorites of the genre’s books.

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