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Along Wooded Paths

Tricia Goyer
BH Publishing Group
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Synopsis from back cover:
All she wanted was a simple Amish life, but now Marianna Sommer finds herself depending on Englisch neighbors.  Although proud of living apart from the world, she and her newly relocated Amish family have discovered that life in the remote mountains of Montana requires working together.

As Marianna begins helping those different from her, and receiving their help, her heart contemplates two directions.  She’s torn between the Amish man from Indiana whom she has long planned on marrying and the friendly Englischer who models a closer walk with God than she’s ever seen before. 

Who should have young Marianna’s heart?  What is God asking her to sacrifice?  Her traditions?  Her community?  The answer is found along the wooded paths.
My Thoughts:
I LOVED book one in this series, Beside Still Waters, and couldn’t wait to read book two.  Unfortunately, I started a new job and didn’t get to read this one as quickly as I wanted, but it was worth the wait!  I love Tricia’s books.  I enjoy her Amish stories because they are different than most others.  I really enjoy how Tricia brings a positive look on the English through this book.  Most Amish fiction shows the sin of the English and the differences between Amish values and the English lifestyle, when in reality no one is perfect and everyone has the same choices.  Tricia shows this through the story.  I enjoyed how Marianna is introduced to wonderful, loving and Godly neighbors, who make her re-think all she has known about English life.  She is challenged to make a decision between a man she has always loved and planned to marry and a man who makes her see things with new eyes and challenges her to have a better relationship with God.  While one is Amish and the other English, both sides bring positive and negative consequences to her choice.
I couldn’t wait to continue this story and once I did, I couldn’t wait to keep reading.  Unfortunately I find myself in the same position as I was with book one.  I now have to wait for book 3 in order to continue the story!  Sometimes I have a love hate relationship with series…. Guess I’ll just have to be patient!  While I think you could enjoy these books as stand-alone novels, I highly suggest reading these in order.  The history in novel one helps you to understand how Marianna’s family arrived in Montana as well as explaining her relationship with her Amish beau.  If you haven’t read book one, read it quick so you can continue the story.  If you’ve read it, pick book two up!  Along Wooded Paths is a great read.

About the Author:
Tricia Goyer is the author of thirty books includingSongbird Under a German Moon, The Swiss Courier, and the mommy memoir, Blue Like Play Dough. She won Historical Novel of the Year in 2005 and 2006 from ACFW, and was honored with the Writer of the Year award from Mt. Hermon Writer's Conference in 2003. Tricia's book Life Interrupted was a finalist for the Gold Medallion in 2005. In addition to her novels, Tricia writes non-fiction books and magazine articles for publications like MomSense and Thriving Family. Tricia is a regular speaker at conventions and conferences, and has been a workshop presenter at the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International Conventions. She and her family make their home in Little Rock, Arkansas where they are part of the ministry of FamilyLife.

Highly Recommended

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