Monday, October 31, 2011

A Watershed Year

Author: Susan Schoenberger
ISBN: 978-0-8249-4856-6
Publisher: Guideposts
Source: TLC Book Tours
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Two months after the death of her best friend Harlan, Lucy remains haunted by the things she never told him including her deep love for him. Then she begins receiving emails he'd arranged to be sent after his death, emails that will change the course of her life. One email in particular haunts her -- he tells her he is certain she is destined for motherhood. Thus begins her watershed year.
It is said that out of despair comes hope and in her grief, Lucy finds that the possibility of adopting a child offers her a new chance for a fulfilled life. When she travels to Russia to meet four-year-old Mat she sees in him a soul that is as lonely and lost as hers. Slowly they learn to trust one another and each begins healing. It is when Mat's father comes to America to reclaim his child that a truth about Mat's past is revealed, a truth that might shatter Lucy's fragile little family forever.
A Watershed Year takes a poignant look at the life of Lucy who deals with loss, love, motherhood, self-discovery and second chances.  Lucy is a wonderful character, whose story is beautifully told.  While reading this novel, I felt as if I was sitting with a friend over coffee instead of reading the story off the pages.  When Lucy’s best friend dies she is thrown into a pit of despair and decides to quit thinking and start acting.  This starts her “watershed” year, in which she discovers more about herself than she has in the past.  Though everything starts to spiral out of control, Lucy takes control and finds her way out, moving on with her life.
The main character in this novel drove me crazy with how she tries to please everyone.  Regardless of this minor issue, this novel is a highly dramatic and a very sad read.  It sticks with you long after you finish reading it.  The characters are complex and well developed.  I enjoyed this novel because it is thoughtful, insightful and well written.  Though it’s emotional, Lucy learns about herself.  The story drew me in despite the emotional topics.  I could identify with Lucy’s grief over the loss of her best friend and the discovery that her life isn’t all she wants it to be.  It would be a wonderful book for book clubs, due to the level of discussion available. 

Highly Recommended

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