Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dragon House

Dragon HouseAuthor: John Shors
ISBN: 0451227859
Publisher: NAL Trade
Source: Review-the-Book
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Set in Asia, Dragon House is a story of redemption and healing. The story takes place in modern day Vietnam and tells the story of two Americas, Iris and Noah, who give of themselves by teaching Vietnamese street children in unfavorable areas as a means to heal from their own pain. Iris and Noah ultimately give the children friendship, educations, shelter and love. The process fulfills the dreams of children and breathes new life into Iris and Noah. Dragon House is a story of suffering, sacrifice, courage, friendship and love. It brings the human qualities of us all together and lifts the spirit.

This is the second novel I have read by John Shors and he does not disappoint. His novels are delivered at a pace that requires the reader to acknowledge and understand the impact of our actions, thoughts, lives and the world around us. This novel is no different. It is an emotional journey as you connect with Iris and Noah as well as the children they aim to help in a country that offers little to no support. John brings depth and understanding to the story while easily passing the same information to the reader with intrigue and artistry. The characters are well developed and realistic. Iris’s story deals with her fathers’ ambition and plan to help the children of Vietnam. Though he is unable to complete this task, Iris chooses to see his plan to completion as a way to honor the memory of her father and attempt to heal. Noah, who has seen the results of war, joins her in her task, having seen the trauma of war on a nation that has so little. The book attempts to bring about the timeless struggles of human nature [good &evil] in a new light.

Dragon House was a wonderful novel, though slow in pace. It challenged me as I read it because I deeply connected with these characters. Shors makes it easy to feel the emotions and pain of the young children but rewards you with the happiness and relief they also feel. I connected with Iris and Noah who both attempt to heal hurt from their past by positively changing the future of others. I wondered if I would be strong enough to give up my job in order to carry out the wishes of my father’s life. The novel transforms suffering into joy, hope into reality, and friendship into love and leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Simply put, John’s novels command attention while delivering a wonderful story with deep insight and emotional exploration.


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