Monday, December 6, 2010

Ethan’s Chase

Author: Bronwyn Storm
ISBN: 1-60154-235-6
Publisher: Wild Rose Press Publications
Source: Pump Up Your Book Blog Tour

Advertising executive Ethan Phillips is not looking for love, in fact, he is trying to avoid it. Cupid seems to have other plans though and keeps throwing him in the path of one gorgeous and charming woman. Still hurting from his previous engagement five years ago, Ethan’s brain is not ready to open his heart again and take a chance with love. His heart and brain disagree, which will win?

Chase Logan is a sexy, smart systems programmer who has no coordination, a stalker enemy and a head over heels crush on Ethan Phillips. After Chase spills coffee on Ethan in their accidental meeting, she is sure she has messed up her chances for far more than love. Their attraction is undeniable but are the roadblocks passable? Will her stalker finally be caught? Is Chase ready to pursue and be pursued?

I really enjoyed Ethan’s Chase. The novel has all the elements of a romance with a slight suspense element that adds to the intrigue. Both main characters are lovable. Ethan is strong, intelligent, good looking and able to take charge in and out of the bedroom. Chase is smart, sexy, beautiful and caring. She is true to herself and hardworking, which enabled her to have a successful programming business of her own. The novel is as much a story of Ethan and Chase’s budding romance as it is a light suspense about Chase’s stalker and jealous colleague.

The novel was easy to read and get lost in. It wasn’t the most realistic romance novel I’ve read but it certainly wasn’t corny either. Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to romance lovers and chick-lit fans. It has charm and steamy scenes in all the right places. I would read another novel by Bronwyn Storm based off her work in this novel.


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  1. Sounds cute, and with the twist of a male chick-lit main character!


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