Monday, January 10, 2011


Frank Cottrell Boyce
ISBN: 978-0-06-183683-1
Publisher: Walden Press Pond
Source: BookPleasures

Liam has always been tall for his age, which always makes people mistake him for an adult. No one ever believes a twelve year old could be so tall and have a beard! To be fair the beard is really only stubble but still, no one ever believes he’s a kid and that’s only fun when your principal mistakes your for a teacher or the car sales man offers you a test drive! Otherwise, Liam feels stuck between two worlds, the life of a twelve year old and the mistaken identity of an adult. When Liam is offered the trip of a life time he takes advantage of his adult looks and heads off to china with his pseudo daughter. Little does Liam know this trip will be much more than he bargained for, a trip that is literally going to be out of this world! Liam learns a lot about being a kid, a lot about being an adult and gets to do some awesome stuff in-between.

Cosmic was a wonderful book! Seriously, don’t judge me but I loved this book! The novel is written for children ages 8 – 12 and is perfect for that age group; however, it is also a book anyone older than twelve can enjoy! I was instantly drawn to the story. The writing is easy to follow and flows with a fast pace throughout the novel. The author is very creative and the story is humorous as well as enjoyable. I was in awe from the moment Liam left his house to take his trip to China. I felt as if I was learning all about space and flying a rocket with the characters. The characters themselves were unique and colorful. They were well developed and I enjoyed the mix they brought to the story.

Overall, Cosmic was a wonderfully imaginative story that held me captive from beginning until to end. It was funny, yet touching as the reader travels with Liam and learns about being a grown-up. It truly point out the parts of “grownupness” that are wasted on grown-ups and also points out the great aspects of youth that are sadly lost when we grow up. The book has a focus on the awesome power of parents and points out how valuable and irreplaceable they are. I really enjoyed reading this novel and highly recommend it for its intended age group as well as others! I will be reading Boyce’s other novels as well. Let’s just say I’m a fan now!



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