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Interview with Kimmie Thomas

This Side of Crazy

Kimmie is the author of "This Side of Crazy" which is on tour through Pump Up Your Book Promotions.  My review of "This Side of Crazy" can be found HERE
Todays post is all about getting to know the author... so here we go!  Enjoy!

Will you tell us a little about you? How did you become an author or take up an interest in writing?

I am a wife and a mother. I work as a nurse and a teacher at a local college in the Detroit Area. I have been writing all of my life in one form or another, but I began writing with a goal in mind about three years ago. My ultimate goal was to write a novel showcasing characters that a reader could relate to.

Did you have any specific inspiration that contributed to writing "This Side of Crazy"?
It is based on people I know and have met as a nurse working on a psychiatric unit. I was inspired by the ability we all have to grow and change when we want to. What happened to us in our past or as children, haunts us most of our lives and most of the time we don't even realize that it drives the day to day decisions that we make.

Who was your main support system when writing this book? Did you have anyone who specifically gave you strength, courage or advice while writing "This Side of Crazy"?
My husband is my constant support. He was instrumental in turning This Side of Crazy into a book. He converted our guest room into an office for me so that I could write each day.

What is your favorite scene to write in "This Side of Crazy"?
When Maxine meets Gordon's mother. This is when she discovers something about Gordon's childhood and realizes that he is making decisions based on his past as well.

Is "This Side of Crazy" your first book? If so, what is it like to see your debut book, a dream for most, in print and on the book store shelves?
Yes, this is my first novel. I am excited and happy. When the proof arrived I was just speechless. I love to hear what others have to say about the novel, bad or good.

Do you have any other titles in the works? Should be expect to see more from you?
I am current finishing the first book in the Kingdom Hospital Series, called Nursing Dr. Miller. It was started on my blog as a work in progress. The Other Side of Crazy is also in the final editing stage as well.

What is your all time favorite book?
That is hard to call. I would say it is a tie between Donald Goines, "Whoreson" and E. Lynn Harris' "Invisible Life."

What is your preferred writing atmosphere?
I love to listen to music and write sitting on the couch in my office at home. I cross my legs and place my laptop on my lap and type.

Are you a night owl or early bird?
I am a both. I write for two hours before I go to work in the morning and at least an hour every night.

Do you have a favorite reading/writing snack?
Yes, I eat baby carrots and celery with spinach dip.

Do you have an author you look up to?
I would have to say Zane. I am amazed at the stores she continues to generate and her ability to build a literary emperor on her own.

Favorite store to shop?
I am a Target shopper. I try to limit my self to once a week because I love to shop and I usually spend more than I should.

What is one thing you wouldn't change about being an author?
The process. I love starting a store with just a simple idea or title and watching the store evolve on the page.

If you were not an author what would you want to be?
I wish that I had gone to law school. I think I would have been an excellent Lawyer.

What do you do with your time when your not writing?
I love to read. I read at least two books a week if not more.

Do you have a New Years Resolution?
To loose weight and to write at least three novels this year.
Thank you Kimmie!  It was great to have you and learn more about you!
Kimmie Thomas
Kimmie Thomas is native Detroiter living with her husband and children. Her experience as a psychiatric nurse has given her the ability to create characters that display common perosnality flaws. She writes when she not working as a teacher and a nurse.

To find out more about Kimmie or to learn more about This Side of Crazy visit http://www.kimmiethomas.com/ or http://kimmiethomas.wordpress.com/.

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  1. That is a very awesome interview. I especially love how your husband helped you out so much. I applaud you!

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