Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God’s Guest List

God's Guest List: Welcoming Those Who Influence Our Lives
Debbie Macomber
ISBN: 978-1-4391-0896-3
Publisher: Howard Books
Source: BookPleasures

Have you ever made a list of people you’d love to meet? People that have inspired you, you’ve looked up to or you’re a huge fan of. Debbie Macomber did precisely that and as she was given the opportunity to meet the people on her list, she realized she had it all wrong. Time after time the people on her list disappointed her, affecting her in a negative aspect. It was then that she realized God has a completely different “guest list” for our lives. He sends people into our lives, sometimes for a season, sometimes to remain and leaves us to decide which people have impacted us greatly, left an impression, changed us for the better or simply encouraged us when we need it most. A list that started as 30 people was erased and left blank, to be filled in as she goes. The list is intimate, to be filled as Debbie sees fit but within the pages of this book Debbie tells her story, shares lessons learned and explains some of the people she chose for her guest list.

“God’s Guest List” is an inspirational non-fiction title from the popular romance author Debbie Macomber. Inside this book Debbie pens a story as natural as her fiction with a special dose of intimacy and love. I truly felt I was given a chance to know Debbie on a more personal level by reading this book. It is her personal thoughts, feelings and revelations about the people God sent into her life that made a positive impact on her. Throughout the book the reader is given tidbits of wisdom and many thought provoking examples of how our lives affect others through our actions. Even our deepest thoughts influence our arrival and outcome. The book is a tribute to all those whom Debbie has welcomed into her life and appreciated the influence they have had on her.

This simple inspirational book has an open candidness full of simple truths and provides challenges to the reader. I was given something unique to think about with every story I read. I started reflecting on my life and adding to my own guest list. It’s amazing how simple it is to make a list of names that will impact you forever. I found that as I added each name to my list, I instantly knew why they were there. None of the names had the thought “Oh, yah. I remember her”. Each name holds the key to a distinct moment in my life that has been etched in my memory. It is a bittersweet process as some of the names on the list are no longer with me or have been removed from their period in my life.

I enjoyed this book for what it is. Mostly, I learned from it and reflected on my own life. I appreciated the tidbits of wisdom, simple lessons and life changing examples Debbie included. “God’s Guest List” is a wonderful inspirational read.


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